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you and Leo were meditating and you were just thinking '(y/n) have know the turtles, April, and Casey for about 3 years now. you always seamed to get along with them. Raph is like your best friend besides Leo your long time crush.' "(y/n) are you OK you?" Raph asked but you didn't notice. " earth to (y/n) you OK dudette" Mikey asked "hello (y/n) are you alright my dear?" splinter asked finally snapping you out of your thoughts " hu what?" you asked "are you alright you seamed to have blacked out" Donnie said "oh yeah... i'm good just thinking" you said "about what my dear?" splinter asked "just stuff...ya know cars, life, friends, boyfriends stuff like that!" you said "you have a boy friend? i thought you liked you know who." Raph said "what are you talking about" you asked realizing Leo had woken from his mediation. " never mined" Raph said as he left


'(y/n) has a boy friend. I don't understand i thought Raph said she likes me' "(y/n) since when do you have a boyfriend" i asked her "um.... I don't." she said 'yes i still have a chance' "my children you may go now." master splinter said as he left to his room "(y/n) can i ask you something" i asked "ya sure whats up Leo" she said " i was wondering....would.....you...be...my....girlfriend." i asked

(Y/N) P.O.V

'OH MY GOD' "um......let me think..............YES YES 1000 TIMES YES!" i shouted at the top of my lungs "okay can i try something?" Leo asked "sure what is MPH" you were cut of by Leos soft lips hitting your smooth ones. 'OMG hes kissing me!' you thought as you kissed back.


thank you for reading my fluff balls of fluffiness  

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