14 - Pictures and awkward requests.

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Jules was right. Harry looks outstanding in pictures or real life. Of course, I knew he is beautiful but I had never noticed to what extent. Even just sitting in a chair with crossed legs and a book resting on his knees Harry exudes a strong sensuality. His gorgeous face, luscious lips, straight nose, eyes that are not pretending but actually reading about something completely out of his area of expertise. The way he moves his hand to turn the pages then places it again on his lap.

"Ok, Harry, how about we try something else? Could you walk around the studio?" Jules says after taking a couple of pictures. When working he is completely different from the usual. If dad saw it I can't imagine him still opposing his choice.

Harry looks up distracted. Was he really paying attention to 'Inflammation and Atherosclerosis; Wick, Georg; Grundtman, Cecilia;2012'? He also seems to have somehow relaxed because he gets up leaving my book on the chair and asks. "I just walk around?"

"Yeah, pretty much, try to be natural and forget that I am taking pictures. You can take a look at the furniture or rest on a sofa. Do what you like."

With a nod Harry slowly paces to the side, his long legs and hips moving in a seductive way – at least to me. Maybe others wouldn't think anything when seeing him walk, but I can't divert my eyes anywhere else.

Harry stops in front of an antique cupboard with carved details and touches the glass on the door. I bet he is thinking about how good it would look in the store since that shop is his life. Soon he starts to wander again passing by a pair of students; a girl and a boy; that follow his steps with attentive eyes - maybe I am not the only one, after all - and stopped beside a window, staring outside. The sunshine highlights one side of his face while the other remains partially in shadows. His golden hair glitters and the blue eyes become shimmering prisms.

When he turns away from the window our eyes meet and he smiles. A sweet and quiet one.

Warmth spreads on my chest. This is the smile I want to see every day; at morning when waking up and in the evening when coming home.


After almost two hours of Jules following Harry around the place as a stalker, he finally says. "Hey, Harry. I have one last request. Would that be ok?"

Harry that is now observing a Chinese ceramic vase focus his attention on my little brother. "Sure, what is it?"

"Could you take off your shirt and lay down on this couch?" It probably took a few seconds for Harry's brain to register the request because, when the realization finally hits, his face blushes to an intense red and he stutters. "I...hum...ah..."

A part of me desires to reprimand Jules for making Harry embarrassed but the other thinks that he deserves a standing ovation, because, being frank, I want to see. That is why, when Harry stares my way looking for help, I pretend not to notice.

"Please?" Implores Jules with his best 'pleading dog' face. He is good at using it.

Struggling, Harry searches around for an escape route - Sorry, but that is not going to happen. You know that your sense of obligation will force you to concede.

And as expected, after one more pleading expression, Harry sighs and grabs the hem of his shirt. As he slides it up his thorax, centimeters per centimeters of a slightly rosy, soft and perfect skin are exposed. Soon his light brown nipples are visible too, collarbones, and then he is half naked.

He doesn't have breasts as my previous girlfriends, nor is his waist curve. An obviously male body, but an incredibly beautiful one. Not too muscular neither scrawny. Like a Greek sculpture coming to life and moving.

How do you get a body like that cooking all day? Please tell me the secret because I have to swim every weekend.

Still embarrassed Harry seats on the sofa to take off his shoes. Once he is done his eyes make a last attempt to gain compassion but to no avail. Resigned he slips his legs by the edge of the seat and leans his head on the armrest.

"Ok, try to rest one arm above your head, Harry." Instructs Jules.

Harry obeys and as his arm goes up, his thorax stretches emphasizing the curves of the pectoralis major under the nipples, the discreet packs of the rectus abdominis going down the stomach, the small waves of the serratus anterior below the armpit, and the angles of the ribs, all marking the skin. His lips part in a whiff and his eyes glance at the camera.

He is not even trying and his figure is already exhaling pheromones! I don't even want to imagine how Harry would look if he decided to actively seduce.


A/N: Short chapter, bu I had fun describing Harry's chest with the Latin names of the muscles. ; )

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