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It was another day at college you were so sick of college. Well I mean it wasn't all bad when you have friends like mine. Until one day. You were waiting for you friends outside of the college but they were late they were always here on time. You decided to wait another 5 minutes, 5 mithad past still no sight of your friends. You decided to go have a look for them when you got to the side of the college you heard laughing and people talking, talking horrible stuff like your a nobody your ugly and you should go kill yourself and all that kind of nasty stuff. You ran up to them to see what was going on.

"What are you doing" you shouted at them as they stopped.

"Well what does it look like " one girl said.

"Well it looks like your bullying him" you shout at her a push her. "I thought you were my friends" you say in a sad voice.
"But no your bullying this boy" you say.

" so he deserves it" the other girl says. You look at her.

" No he don't deserve to be bullied you wouldn't like it if you were being bullied" you say. They all Walked towards you and say.

" you know what your not like us are you" one of your friends say to you.

"Well you know what I don't want to be like you because you are all bullies l" you say back. And they walked off. You go up to the boy. And say

" Hey am so sorry about that are you ok what's your name" you ask him.

"I em my I am leo" he says you could tell that he was shy and scared.

" Hey leo and lizzy and am sorry about them and please don't listen to them ok" you say to him trying to make him feel better.

" yeah am ok and thanks" he say smiling.

" it's fine" you say back and both you went to lesson.

2 months later it was nearly prom you were so excited but nervous at the time. You and leo are best friends but you like him so much like more than friends. You were in a lesson and leo came over and sat next to you and looked at you and said.

"Lizzy when you stuck up for me I was happy and you been my best friend l since then I just want to tell you I really like you I didn't want to say anything because our friendship" he says you could tell he was nervous.

" Leo I like you to like really like you I didn't want to say anything am so happy that you like me too" you say back getting so red on your cheeks.

"And there was one more thing I need to ask" he says turning away.

" sure what is it" you say.

" Well the prom is coming up and I was working if you like to come with me" he asks you. You look at him you had tears in your eyes because you were so happy.

" omg yes I will go with you" you say in a happy voice. "I was so nervous asking someone" you told him.

" Well you don't need to ask someone because you doing with me" he says and you go and you both hug.

Weeks past and it was prom you were dressed and everything leo was downstairs you went down and he seen you and his mouth dropped.

" you look beautiful lizzy" he says as he smiles.

" your not to bad yourself" you say back laughing you and leo got to the prom and danced for a while, you both stopped and leo came closer and pulled you in for a kiss it was like everything had disappeared but it was just you and leo. Leo pulled and away and said.

"Lizzy will you be my girlfriend" he asks you.

" omg really yes I will " you say jumping up and down. And the night was so good you and leo danced and had food. At the end of the night you and leo went back to yours and had a movie night. It was the best night of your life.

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