2 - Tired green eyes and a slice of Cheesecake.

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He takes a fright and stares at me with the greenest and most tired eyes I have ever seen embedded into a ghost-like pale face.

"Ah, yes. I saw this coffee shop and came in. Is it open?" He mumbles.

Curiously, this building has the effect of attracting lost souls. The stone walls covered by vines, the wooden floor and windows with colorful stained glass on top, and the fireplace that I actually light in the winter give off a nostalgic and comfortable feeling that must have some kind of healing ability.

"Yes, we are open." I confirm giving him a comforting smile.

"Right, then, could I have a cup of black coffee? No sugar or cream." He asks in an exhausted tone.

Looking at the drained expression on his face, I am inclined to think that he must have gone through a lot lately.

"Of course, sir. You may choose any table of your preference to sit at while I go prepare your order."

He nods making the copious jet black curls in his head waggle. They seem so bouncy and fluffy. Like dog fur. A very well groomed dog fur, of course.

After a short time, I come back with a cup of cappuccino and a slice of cheesecake covered by homemade blueberry jelly. As he doesn't seem to be keen of sweetness - since he refused sugar on the coffee - I used dark chocolate in the drink. The cheesecake is by nature not excessively sugary so it will be filling for the stomach without displeasing his palate and the sourness of the berries will help to stimulate his drowsiness.

I place both plates over on the table, near the vase with small dried red flowers - They were a present from a customer and were raised her personal garden.

The customer looks up with a confused expression. "Hum, this is not what I requested?" The way he is asking instead of declaring is somehow cute.

Smiling I clarify "That is true, but sugar is good for a tired body. Your brain needs it. As a doctor, you should know better than me."

"Doc... how?" He stares at me with wary eyes.

Wow, calm down. I am not some kind of stalker. With a jolt of my head, I point the folded white coat and 'that thing they use to hear people's hearts' that can be seen between the handles of his bag.

He follows my line of sight and says "Sherlock." while looking surprised. So he does have a sense of humor!

Unfortunately, the changes in his previously tired expression seem to be short-lived as the light suddenly turns off in his eyes and he begins to absentmindedly stare down into his cup with an empty face.

"Tough day?" I ask softly.

Raising his head he glances at me with an unreadable expression only to quickly go back to playing with the handle of the fuming cup. "Really tough." he mumbles with an extremely tired voice while closing his eyes.

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