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"Whats got you smiling so hard Syd?"

"Nothing I just had a really good night." I was in heaven he touched me. He kissed me. My body still had the proof that Daddy Dustin was there.

"If you smile any harder you're lips are going to crack. Seriously Sydney I need what you on." Laughing I continue walking. She couldn't get what I had it was only mine and mine alone. If she was a good girl like I was I might have considered introducing her to Daddy Rafe but she wasn't.

"Fucking punk. D-D-D watch where the fuck You stepping. I just bought these Jays yesterday lil'bitch now they scuffed."

Turning I see everyone crowded around my ex. He doing the same stuff he always do. I didn't like men like him, no not because he was black. I was actually pretty attracted to black guys I just didn't like the show boat type of guy.

"What you gotta say for yourself stuttering white punk?" Stutter.... White oh no. Breaking out into a run I push myself through the crowd. To my horror Daddy Dustin in sitting there covered in grass stains. "Sydney baby come here girl."

Ignoring him I go to help daddy up but he frowns and gets up himself. I go for his hand but he snatches it away making the crowd gasp. "Da-" his head whips to me so fast I felt wind. The frown on his face had me confused. Weren't we together now? Last night he did all those things to me. He said he wanted me. Why was he acting like this?

I go for his hand again but this time he rounds on me and jerks his head up. "Go for a walk." I wanted to stomp my foot. Why was he telling me to go away? I was his little. I try again but this time he smirked and out the side of his mouth made two clicking noises. Everything in me stop and begged to listen to his command. I wanted to fall to his feet, but if I did the school would see.

With all I had I stepped back and followed his first command and and walked off. Everyone around me had surprised looks on their faces as I pushed through the crowd again. Even Marcus looked surprised.  No one in this school had every handled me as carelessly as Daddy Dustin had right now.

"I fucking hate that guy." I looked up and Jayla was mugging Daddy Dustin who was now walking away from the stunned crowd.


"Because he's to fucking cocky. He treats you like a fucking dog, and you let him. Why the fuck you act so weak around him?" Not that stops me in my tracks.

"You see me as weak?" I asked in confusion.

"Not normally no, but I would have slapped that shit outta him had he said and did some shit like that to me."

"And what would that accomplished?"

"You would have set his ass straight that's what it would have accomplished. Bitch why you acting like you haven't popped off before? Year before last you would pop bitches in the mouth just for looking at you wrong. Then all of a sudden you up and change. Started being all quiet and meek and shit. Now if someone talks shit you walk away on weak bitches do that."

"Hum. So I guess this means I should beat the hell out of you like old times? Prove to you I'm not weak?" He eyes got round and she backed away. "Should I do you like I did that one girl and ram your head against the wall just for calling me a bitch?"

"Sydney I didn't mean-"

"Chill I'm not about to do that. I'm above that. Let me tell you a little something I learned recently Jayla. Every action doesn't deserve a reaction every comment doesn't deserve a reply. Just because I'd rather let petter stuff go instead of escalating the issue doesn't make me weak. As far as Da- uh Dustin go its none if your business. If I'm not buggin about how he treats me then why are you? I don't need you guys coming to my defense. I'm old enough to know what I like and dislike. If I went through a change and you see me happy with that change then why is it a problem? If you consider me weak because I did slap Dustin then that's your and every one else's issue I'm not about to defend myself to those who've already made an opinion about me. And another thing not that it matters, but just because a woman chooses to submit to the right man doesn't make her weak. It makes her stronger than you think, because you have know idea the turmoil she can make a man go through just by that act alone."   

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