Freak Among Freaks

My alarm clock was blasting the latest Muse song, trying it's hardest to wake me up. I really didn't need the thing, my eyes always popped open the moment the sun began to set. Whatever time that happened to be. Normally I'd toss a shoe at it and roll back over for another hour of sleep before one of my mothers pulled me out of bed, but today was different.

Today was my first day of school. Who knew vampires actually had to go to school. I know right, I was just as surprised as you are, but we do. My name is David Trumaine and in exactly one hour I was getting dropped off at Thorston Academy.

Thorston Academy is...(wait a sec, let me find the brochure my mom Valeria gave me)...the premiere institution for formal training in the supernatural community. To make a long story short, it was a school for freaks, and among the freaks, I was one of the biggest.

I flashed out of the bed and down the hall to the bathroom before one of my mom's could beat me to it. Believe me, it sucks sometimes being the only male in a houseful of women, but the benefits far outweighed having to pull bra's down off of the shower curtain every once and awhile.

I was in and out in less than fifteen minutes and dressed in another five. Black jeans, white t-shirt, and the required crimson blazer complete with the schools crest over my right chest pocket. I ran gel covered fingers through my strawberry blonde hair to achieve the short spiked look that I wanted and headed for the kitchen.

Val and Irulan were sitting at the counter waiting for me. Dang, how did they get by me. I wanted to walk to school, but they were dead set on dropping me off themselves. "Hey David," Val called out as she pulled a blood bag from the microwave and popped the end. "I see you found your blazer. I picked it up a few hours ago."

She divided the blood between two mugs and slid one across the counter to me. "Yeah Val, I found it. Too bad you didn't loose it on the way home."

She laughed as I took a long swallow of blood. "Just be grateful you don't go to Thorstons Romania. They're real big on heritage and preserving the old ways. You'd be having class by candlelight."

Irulan laughed and patted me on the back before kissing my cheek. "Don't pay any attention to her David. She wasn't that enthused her first day at Thorston's from what I can remember."

"I didn't know Val went to this school, tell me about it."

Valeria choked on her blood. "Let's not," she said , as she slid her mug to the table. "Besides, this Thorston's is the newest. I went to Thorston's Alaska. Come on, it's time to go or you're going to be late your first day."

I couldn't do anything but stare as we pulled up to the front gates. I don't know what I was expecting, but such a modern looking building wasn't it. Instead of gargoyles and moats, the main building was a collage of colored glass, metal, and concrete.

A shrill bell went off and students began pouring out the doors. Some went to chauffer driven limos, others began pulling keys from their pockets and headed towards cars. The majority of students spread out among the campus, undoubtedly headed for one of the four dormitories.

The Charlotte NC branch was only one of four in the world, so most of the student body were permanent residents on campus. "Well David, this is it," Irulan said as she twisted in her seat to look at me. "Remember, Tamerlane will be here to pick you up and take you to Yosh when the day is done."

How could I forget. After six hours of school, I had the distinctive pleasure of having to endure fight training for another two with my granddad's weapons master. Apparently this Yosh guy trained not only my mom Valeria, but all my uncles also. It was some kind of family tradition. One that my grandfather Hadrian said I have no choice but to do.

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