The Hard Mate (Single)

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Title: The Hard Mate [Old Version]
Author: AlyssaBrandon
Status: Completed

Mate. The dictionary describes a mate as being a person who is ideally suited to you. Your perfect partner. The one Fate destined you for. Your one and only true love. Your person you can’t live without. Only what happens when your mate turns out to have a heart as cold and hard as a diamond? Sixteen-year-old Megan Ross is about to find out.

My Review
Yes, I know, another romantic werewolf story. I’m just in love with this story because it’s got none of that cliché werewolf, love-at-first-sight crap. It’s original. Though I was doubtful at first, because most of the werewolf, soul mates stories I find on Wattpad noawadays are ridiculously unreal, AlyssaBrandon has definitely added her own, special, unique twist.
The story stays one of my all-time favourites, and even though it’s quite a recent story, I definitely call it a Wattpad Original. The wonderful AlyssaBrandon definitely knows how to make readers gasp, laugh, cry, and just generally feel and I have to say she seems to be very good at writing cliffhangers. An annoying observation that I made while reading her work.
If you’re a fan of werewolf romances, I’d definitely suggest going to AlyssaBrandon’s page and checking out her other works, because I have to say I think she’s strong in writing werewolf romantic stories. There are two other works, both werewolf romances, that I’m posting in this book, so check them out, as well.
Yes, all rights go to the original author, AlyssaBrandon, but I am no plagiariser, so I didn’t think about mentioning the copyright information and going into detail about that. I know, as an author as well, that having someone copy your work is definitely not nice. At all.
THM is the original version of another book on her profile, The Hard Mate 0.2 (Warrior Mates; Prophecy and Witch Blood). I went and had a look at that book, but I think I prefer THM, which is the only reason THM 0.2 will not be appearing as a favourite. That book is quite different from this one and prophecies play a much bigger role in that book. She did mention at the end of THM that it will be longer, majorly re-written, and will have a sequel. Now, who can resist a sequel? If you’re interested, go and check it out, by all means.
Some other works you might be interested to go and check out and will not be showing up in this book include 100 Days With Zimmer and Taylor, Snow on Fire, Thursday, The Hard Mate 0.2 (already mentioned, above), The Three Worlds of Morgan Brynn (discontinued), and Missing Shadows.
I would definitely say this book is worth the read, and it’s already completed, so in my books, that was definitely a bonus!

<3 Jess

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