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Yongguk woke up back in big space. He frowned as he saw the pile of homework he has to do that day. Classes were closed until Wednesday and it was Sunday. Yongguk liked to get things done early so he got it of bed and started working.


"Yongguk, we're here! We brought movies for tonight," Youngjae said as he and Daehyun walked in the dorm. Youngjae set his bag on the couch and sat next to it.

"Where's Yongguk?" Daehyun walked around the kitchen and saw the pacifier gone.

"I think the real question is, 'where's Gukkie'. He's probably in little space because his paci's gone." Youngjae turned and looked around to find colouring books and crayons strewn across the floor by the dining room table.

"Yeah I see that. He's probably in his room. Wanna go check on him?" Daehyun nodded and walked to Himchan and Yongguk's shared room.

"Gukkie? Are you in here?" Daehyun opened the door and saw Gukkie curled up on the floor with a teddy bear and blankey. His paci was hanging out of his mouth slightly and his eyes were red and puffy. "Why were you crying baby?" Daehyun whispered as he gently shook the older's shoulder. Gukkie stirred and opened his eyes a little to see Daehyun's worried expression.


"No Gukkie. It's Daehyun. Come here." Gukkie made grabby hands toward the younger and Daehyun obliged by picking up the older.

"Youngjae I don't think Gukkie is four anymore... I saw a bunch of our homework for the week done on the desk but I also found Gukkie lying on the floor. He looks like he was crying. I'm going to text Himchan and ask what to do." Youngjae nodded and took Gukkie in his lap while Daehyun texted Himchan.

To: Youngjae's Mum
hey Himchan hyung Gukkie isn't four anymore and we think he's younger and idk what to do

From: Youngjae's Mum
i bought bottles and formula. they're in the top cabinet by the fridge. Heat it for about a min 30. how is he? thx for checking on him

To: Youngjae's Mum
no problem hyung. i found him on the floor with a bear and blanket nd it looked like he was crying before we came. i think he got stressed out with the homework

From: Youngjae's Mum
isnt it due wed?

To: Youngjae's Mum
yea but u know him. anyways thx ill text u if anything else comes up

With that, Daehyun walked into the kitchen and grabbed the things he needed for Gukkie. As he made the bottle for Gukkie, he could hear Youngjae and the older playing in the front room.

"Where are my eyes, Gukkie??" Gukkie would then lean forward and cover Youngjae's eyes causing both boys to laugh and giggle. "Where are my cheeks?" Gukkie scooted over and grabbed the younger's cheeks and kissed each one. Youngjae turned with a surprised face toward Daehyun who was recording the scene in front of him. "He gave me kisses!! Babe did you see that?! I love him so much!" Youngjae cooed while grabbing Gukkie by the waist and pulling him in for a hug.

"Come on you two! It's time for Gukkie's bottle," Daehyun grabbed the bottle and sat next to the boys. "Should we put on a movie?" Daehyun asked and Gukkie nodded. Youngjae packed The Aristocats along with an assortment of other Disney movies that the older was fond of.


Halfway through the movie, Gukkie was done with his bottle and fast asleep on Daehyun's lap. Daehyun motioned to Youngjae to get Gukkie's paci. When Youngjae retrieved the pacifier, Daehyun placed it in Gukkie's mouth and carried him to his room. As Daehyun laid the older down on his bed, Himchan walked into the dorm.

"Daehyun's in your guys' room putting Gukkie to bed. He got tired during the movie." Himchan took a deep breath and started taking off his work uniform.

"Thanks for all your help." Youngjae smiled and motioned for Himchan to go into the room. All he wanted to do was take a nap with his baby. Daehyun walked out of the room and almost bumped into Himchan. He whispered,

"Oh hyung you're home. I just put him down for a nap. He didn't eat any dinner but he had a bottle and some applesauce." Himchan smiled and nodded.

"Thanks Dae.

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