Prompt #21

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                Prompt: I wanna see Leon and Brennan tell Angelo that he'll be a big brother


                "He's not going to like the news," I said to Leon.

                "He's a good kid. I think he'll take it well," Leon said, but I could see the unease in his expression.

                "Good kid or not, no one likes hearing they're about to lose the spotlight," I said. "I'm an only child and if my parents had given me a sibling, I probably would've pulled a Patrick Hockstetter and taken that kid out."

                "My parents told me that Adam was too little to understand when they had Caroline, but when they had me he wasn't very happy," Leon said with a sigh. "I guess my dad had to sit him down and have a whole talk with him when they told him my mom was having another baby."

                "And then you were born and he warmed right up to you," I grumbled. "Oh, shit, Lee, what do we do if Angelo asks where babies come from?"

                "We give him the short, innocent version," Leon said.

                Leon and I had agreed to have another child together, but he hadn't exactly informed our son that he was going to be a big brother yet. Angelo was almost five, and he'd been the center of our attention his whole life. He'd never had to share the spotlight before.

                It's not like Leon or I could really understand how hard it'd be for him, either. I was an only child and Leon had grown up the favored youngest. We'd had our parents' full attention our whole lives.

                "Let's go tell him," Leon said. "We'll figure it all out and make sure he doesn't feel neglected when the new baby is here. Once he adjusts, I think he'll be a really good brother."

                We went upstairs together and let ourselves into Angelo's bedroom. He was lying on the floor working on a puzzle, and he beamed a smile up at us as we sat down in front of him. He shifted so that he was sitting up.

                "Angelo, we need to talk to you," Leon said, gesturing him over. "Come here, buddy."

                Angelo curiously crawled over and Leon pulled him into his lap. Oh, no, Angelo was so freaking cute. He was looking up at Leon with wide, innocent eyes. If that poor kid started crying at the news with those big eyes of his, I was calling this deal off. Let me spoil my child and keep him happy.

                No, no, be strong Brennan. Don't give in to the tears. Don't do it, man. Be the adult here.

                Who the hell let me parent?

                "Angelo, we have good news!" Leon said.

                "Are we getting a puppy?" Angelo asked hopefully.

                "Well, hopefully what we are getting won't pee on the carpet as much," I said.

                Leon shot me a look before smiling at Angelo again. "You're going to be a big brother, Angelo."

                Angelo frowned. "I want a puppy."

                "How about a baby brother or sister?" Leon said. "You can play with them and show them all your toys. You can teach them how to play your favorite games!"

                "I don't want to be a big brother," Angelo said, shaking his head and hugging himself to Leon. "I don't want to. Sarah said her mommy and daddy only like their new baby."

                Sarah from preschool was on my hit list.

                "Hey, we'll always like you," I said, ruffling his hair. "Actually, do you want to know a secret?"

                "What?" he asked.

                I leaned forward, whispering, "We'll always love you. Like, a lot."

                "Then don't get a new baby!" Angelo said.

                "Angelo, I love my brother and sister," Leon said. "And my mom and dad loved all of us. We won't love you any less just because of a new baby."

                "You know, with a new baby we'll have to make sure they have the same fun you've had so far," I said. "That means we'll need another trip to Disneyworld!"

                Angelo's eyes widened. "Really?"

                I nodded. "Yea. Maybe a few more trips there. And we'll have to take the new baby to the waterpark...and the zoo...Santa will have to bring even more toys for Christmas..."

                Angelo fidgeted a little. "Maybe being a brother wouldn't be that bad."

                Leon shot me a patiently exasperated look, probably ready to hit me for bribing our son into accepting his sibling. But, hey, it was working!

                "Family is important, Angelo," Leon said. "When I'm sad, I can call my brother and sister to cheer me up. They take care of me. Now you'll have a little sibling who will love you. Dad and I will be so proud of you for helping with your little sibling."

                "I still want a puppy," Angelo mumbled.

                "We'll see how the sibling goes before we get a puppy," I said, laughing a little. "You'll be the best big brother in the world."

                He nodded reluctantly. "You'll still like me?"

                "We'll always like you. We'll always love you," Leon promised, kissing him.

                I scooted closer and put my arm around Leon's waist, kissing Angelo's head. "We'll be one big happy family. Your sibling can be your partner in crime."

                "Brennan," Leon said, looking moody. "Don't encourage them to be like you, please."

                Angelo giggled and we both smile a little. Even if it would be rough adjusting to a new baby, we'd manage. God, I loved my family.

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