"You cheated on my Dimka?" Olena said in a cruel voice

"Of course not! I love Dimitri more than anything!" Ok, well Dimitri and Lissa were tied for that one, but I wasn't going to mention that

"Momma, this baby is mine. Trust me. A... doctor had a theory. She said that it's because I have some" he took a deep breath "vampire cells left in me"

"I'm sorry, Rose. I know you love Dimitri, but I didn't think-"

"Don't be. I knew that it would take some convincing. And, it's going to be even harder to tell my parents"

After all was forgiven, it was like someone flipped a switch. Everyone was happy and laughing again. Olena got Dimitri to admit he wants a girl, but I still kept my mouth shut. I did want a girl, but I wasn't going to jinx anything. I want a girl because I heard they're easier than boys were. Dimitri wants one because, I guess, he's used to taking care of them.

Once we were finished with dinner, we sat around and caught up. Viktoria was now dating Nikolai, and I was glad. It turns out Yeva has been a little sick, but there's nothing to worry about. Sonya's baby was due in two months, and Karolina is planning on sending Paul to America to train for becoming a guardian.

"Wow. That's great! Are you sending him to St. Vladimir's?" I asked

Karolina sighed "Yes. He's been going to school here, but he would like to see more of the world. But, I want to wait until he's ten, so he'll have to wait another year"

"Well, I should be able to keep an eye on him" Dimitri said "Now, I'll have three kids to watch over"

I laughed and his family looked confused. Two of them being our baby and Paul. The other being Christian. I explained this, and then they laughed. I, also, explained that Dimitri took Christian to Moroi fighting and Christian couldn't stop setting things on fire. But, after an hour of talking, I yawned and excused myself. I dragged myself up the stairs and hated that I was always so tired.

Halfway up the stairs, though, there was a... whirring in my head. It wasn't like I was going to pass out or anything. It had nothing to do with that or a headache. It was familiar, though. It almost felt like... a... I don't know. A hand, or something, reaching in my mind. But, it left as soon as it came. It felt like elastic. I forgot about it, and flung myself onto the bed. I lay there, staring up at the ceiling. An image of Lissa flashed into my mind, and it almost seemed as I could see her-well, not her-but, Court, painted on the ceiling. So, I pulled out my phone and called Lissa. She answered on the fourth ring.

"Hey Liss" I greeted

"Oh Rose! I miss you so much! Even Christian... he can't pick on me like he can you" we laughed

"Yeah, he's probably afraid that if he gets you mad you'll deprive him of your body"

She gave me an exasperated sigh, "Rose, stay out of it. Whoa" her breath was taken away

I shot up quickly and groaned when I felt a pinch in my abdomen. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Just felt a little dizzy there for a moment. It's probably because I'm not getting much sleep. The council has me up all night, and... Ugh! It's just annoying. Plus, I can't stop worrying about Jill. She texts me every hour giving me an update. I feel like were..." she stifled a yawn "a lot closer. Oh God. I need to get some sleep. I'll call you tomorrow. Take care" she hung up

Weird. I fell back on the bed and closed my eyes. I fell in a dreamless sleep shortly after.


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