Few Things Left Unsaid

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And If You're Lucky , I Mean The Luckiest Person On This Entire Planet -- The Person You Love Decides To Love You Back ..

Raghav and Aisha sitting together in a garden gazing into the sky . Aisha expresses her frustration and boredom to Raghav , wishing she had a boyfriend with whom she could spend her time . Raghav tells her that he feels the same way and thinks they are the only ones in their friend circle who are without a partner . Everybody else seems to have found their perfect ' other ' . They decide to play a game in which both of them will date each other for eighty days to see if they are compatible enough to be together for the rest of their lives .

On their first date , both are shown standing outside a concert hall . Raghav gifts Aisha a star-shaped keychain before the show begins .

On Day 3 , both are shown having a good time at a friend's birthday party which also marks the first time they hug one another .

On Day 7 , they are sitting together by the beach , watching the sun go down . As the evening turns into night the snuggled couple gaze at the conopy of stars above . Aisha spots a shooting star and closes her eyes to make a secret wish . Even on constant prodding to reveal what she had wished for , she keeps it to herself , saying to Raghav that the divulgence of the wish would only reduce the chance of it coming true .

On Day 18 , they spend time at the annual city fair . Raghav takes Aisha to the House of Horror where she grabs someone else's hand by mistake . When she realizes this , both break into laughter .

On Day 50 , they kiss for the first time after watching a movie . They pass by a fortune teller who advices them to treasure every moment from now on . Thinking it to be a madman's mumbo jumbo , both take it lightly and move ahead .

Day 65 is another day at the beach where they end up getting intimate in the company of the setting sun --- a picture perfect moment .

On Day 79 , they decide to go on a picnic to the park . While basking in the sun , Aisha requests Raghav to get her a bottle of apple juice . Raghav says he will be back in no time and walks off to look for a street vendor . Time passes by but there is no sign of Raghav , adding to Aisha's worries . She keeps waiting for him to show up . Then she sees a man walking towards her . He asks her if her name is Aisha . Fearing the worst , she slowly nods her head in agreement . He tells her that he was walking down the street when out of nowhere came this big truck that mowed down a young guy who was crossing the road . He then tells Aisha that he went charging towards the boy who was lying in a pool of blood . That's when he heard the boy shout Aisha's name , making him come and look for her .

Aisha runs over to the spot with the stranger and sees Raghav lying injured on the road . Aisha notices that he is still holding onto the juice with a shivering hand . Semi-conscious , he tries to hand over the drink to her . She can't hold back her tears any further and breaks into hysterical sobs . By that time , a sizeable crowd has gathered around them and one of them hurriedly calls for an ambulance . On reaching the hospital , Raghav is carried straight to the emergency room . All Aisha can do at this point is sit outside and wait ___ for eight long hours .

At 11:40 pm , the doctor comes out of the emergency room and says , ' I am sorry but we did the best we could . His injuries are so grave that he only has few minutes to live . Here , we found a letter in his pocket . You might want to take a look at it .'

The doctor hands over the letter to Aisha after which she goes into the room to see Raghav . He looks weak , but peaceful . Aisha reads the letter and burst into tears . The letter says :

Aisha ,
Our eighty days are almost over and i must say i have spent my life's best moments with you . I don't know whether I will be able to tell you how much I love you after all this is over . Maybe that is why I am writing this letter in the first place . Now that I am nearing the end , i want to tell you that the game was a mere ploy to get you to spend time with me . The truth is I have been in love with you since school days but could not get myself to reveal my true feelings . I have and will always love you . I have nothing much to ask for , but just wish that I could extend our time together by another day . I want to be yours forever . I love you , Aisha and I am sorry for not expressing my feelings before . Hope you will be mine , always .

Aisha holds Raghav's hand and says , ' Do you know what I wished for the night I saw the shooting star ? I asked God to never let our eighty days together come to an end . You can't leave me alone like this . I love you . Please come back to me . I really love you , Raghav , and have done so since school days but never had the courage to express my feelings . '

As the clock strikes twelve , Raghav's heart stops beating .




Love Ya ..

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