Maa: The Legend

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From the start of the Space Age calendar millennia past, till now, the world ran on Mana. Crystalline energy cores powered spaceships, mobile suits, cities, and factories. Everything in the world was surrounded by, and supported by, Mana. It existed in the form of Mana crystals. With the existence of Mana taken for granted, many would reach a point of wondering: Where did Mana come from?

Unlike other precious metals, it formed via the gathering of pure energy. Decades pass as the crystal undergoes pressure until it attains a decent size adequate for mining. However...where does this energy come from?

"Isn't it obvious," people would say, "it's from Maa."

According to legends, planets with Mana were few because deep inside the earth; hidden away from unholy eyes, was a temple. Many argue the temple was on the surface. Regardless of the version of the legend told, inside the envisioned core of the planet was a godlike being. This being was the source of life and Mana on their planet. On Earth, it was Maa who was the source. Furthermore, Maa was the final push for the pacifist Earth to enter the age of space expansion as many other civilizations already had.

As a famous writer had once written:

Maa is kind....

Maa is loving....

Maa is beautiful....

Maa watches over us.

Legends; to many this may legends simply be, butMaa remains. Maa's soul is connected to us all and Maa, for us all, lives on.    

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