(RWBY)Pyrrha Nikos x Bobcat Faunus! Reader Part 2

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This was requested by many so I hope you like you.

*Pyrrha's P.O.V.*

            The next morning I woke up, but (Y/n) wasn't next to me. I shot out of bed which scared everyone else. 

            Nora looked over at me, completely awake now,"What is it, Pyrrha?" She began to drag Ren out of bed so he would follow her. Everyone looked at me, waiting for and answer, as I frantically searched the room. 

            "Do you guys know where (Y/n) is!?!?," just as the question came out of my mouth, the door was pushed open and (Y/n) walked in. I let out a sigh and smiled as she put away her toothbrush and hair brush. 

            "THERE SHE IS!!!," Nora shouted so loud that we all jumped and looked at her. Then, we started to hear groaning and we opened the door slightly and saw that everyone was now awake. We closed the door and began to laugh.

           "Oh, Nora. Next time, turn it down a few notches," Jaune said while catching his breath. (Y/n) came and sat down next to me on my bed. Jaune, Ren, and Nora just smiled. Well they did see us sleeping together. A knock came from the door and Jaune got up and opened it. One the other side stood team RWBY, but they weren't their happy selves. 

            They walked in and just stayed quiet until Nora spoke up,"What's got you guys bummed?"

            Weiss was the first to talk,"..We saw Cardin. He had blood covering his hands and it clearly wasn't his own".

            Yang continued for her,"He had a smirk on his face, so we went to see what he had just come from.."

            Blake was next,"What we saw was horrible. Yet, the person acted just fine. We knew who the person was.. it was..."

            Ruby finished,"(Y/n)". Everyone looked at (Y/n) and I could feel her shaking. I can't believe she didn't tell me that he made her bleed, I was so mad she didn't tell me, but I was more scared as to whether or not she was alright. 

*Your P.O.V.*

            I began to shake as Ruby said my name, they saw me...?, I thought. Everyone's eyes were on me including Pyrrha's. Though, no one was looking at me in anger, but with concern. I felt as Pyrrha reached up and began to scratch my bobcat ears. I think she thought it would calm me down, but it didn't, I only shook more.

            I moved away from Pyrrha's touch and nearly whined when I no longer felt her touch, but it was my choice to leave her touch. I got up from my spot and before anyone could say anything, I dashed out of the room. Nora was by the door along with Ren and they tried to stop me, but I was too fast and escaped, running out of the building.

*Time Skip*

            I sat alone in an alley near the dust shop in town. The events from before flashing in my mind,"Man, I handled the poorly.."

            "And you should die for it," I nearly jumped out of my skin at the menacing voice. I looked around trying to find who said that, but, when I saw who it was, I wished I hadn't. It was Cardin. He was alone this time, but in one hand he had a spiked knuckles and in the other he had his weapon. 

            I backed away hoping to be able to run off, but he threw two daggers that he had hidden and they hit me hard enough that they impaled my feet and made it impossible for me to run. A growl came from my throat as he walked closer. He then punch me in the side of my head with his spiked knuckles leaving deep scratches on my face.

            Blood flowed down my face from the wound. He ripped one of the daggers from my feet causing my to yelp in pain. He used that dagger and stabbed me in the stomach and pulled it out. He began to punch me even more until I almost fainted.

*Pyrrha's P.O.V.*

            I was walking down the streets calling out for (Y/n). Team RWBY and team JNPR  went out looking for her. As I got near the dust shop I heard a scream coming from one of the alleys and immediately went to see what it was. My eyes widened as I saw (Y/n) on the ground in a pool of her own blood and Cardin standing over her with a smirk.

            I had my weapon with me and I gripped it tightly, clenching my teeth. I sent my weapon flying towards Cardin and in hit him in the chest. He fell over and stopped breathing. I ignored, the now dead, Cardin and ran to (Y/n).

           I laid her head on my lap and shook her light,"(Y/n)! Please wake up!" She didn't even budge. I took out my scroll and called for an ambulance, then I called Jaune and the others. I picked (Y/n) up in bridal style and I didn't look back at Cardin. I did take my weapon using my polarity. He got what he deserved.

            Just as I got to the dust shop the ambulance was there and they ran to me taking (Y/n) from my arms, but then looked back and ask,"Are you coming with us?" I had forgotten that they let friends and family ride along with them and I nodded hopping in the back.

*Another time skip* 

            I sat on the bed next to (Y/n) scratching her ears softly. She got out of surgery about 2 hours ago. Jaune, Nora, and Ren got here just as she went into surgery and left about 15 minutes ago, leaving me alone with (Y/n). I couldn't help, but smile and think, she's finally safe. I felt as she began to lean into my hand that was scratching her ear and slowly her eyes fluttered open.

            I couldn't help myself from leaning down and kissing her soft lips and when I pulled I sighed,"Good morning, sunshine". 

            She giggled, but stopped clearly hurting,"Good morning". She tried to sit up and I held her down and all she could do was look at me confused.

            I smiled at her cute face,"You shouldn't get up just yet. Don't you remember what happened?" She began to shake in my arms, so I kissed her and that seemed to calm her a bit,"He won't hurt you again. I will always be there to protect you, so please don't leave my side".

            She went quiet, but kept her eyes locked with mine. I was about to say that it was selfish, but her lips stopped me. I immediately kissed back and was shocked when I felt her lick my bottom lip, but I still opened my mouth letting her tongue explore my mouth. She finally pulled away leaving us a panting mess.

             She rested her head on my shoulder and began to drift off into sleep once more, but first said,"I will never leave your side again because I love you..". Her voice faded as she fell asleep and I resumed scratching her ear with not only a blush, but the biggest smile I have ever had was on my face.

I hope you enjoyed the story.

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