Things Changed Part 3.

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One week later....

So far one week has passed by and its been one fast and eventful week. Kris and them found me a place and said that it'd be perfect for me so right now I'm packing to go back to L.A. The guys and girls have helped me pack up everything and send it to L.A so the only thing I had to do was pack my essential stuff and I'm ready to go.

Kris booked a flight for all of us which will leave later on today so right now we were all packing our stuff and getting ready to go. My parents came down a few days ago with my sisters and they just wanted to make sure I'm ready for this and I told them I am. They were worried about how I would take all this considering what a mess I was a few weeks ago and I get it case they're just being protective.

They haven't really mentioned anything about Kendall cause they don't want to trigger anything but in all honestly I need to get used to it. She is my ex and we did have history and I know once I step foot in L.A paparazzi are going to have a field day with headlines. I was kind off relieved that Camila was going to be there with me but she would only join me a few days later considering she had shows to do.

Kylie:"Ready?"She asked as I grabbed my backpack making me smile and nod.

Y/n:"Ready as I'll ever be..."I said as I walked out. I walked downstairs and saw everyone saying their goodbyes to my family making me smile a little.

Kylie:"I'll see you in the car..."She said as she said goodbye to my sisters making me nod and give her a small smile. I looked over at them and saw my mom and sisters with small tears in their eyes.

Skyler:"I'm still not used to saying bye to you"She said pulling me into a hug making me chuckle and hug her back making Ava join in.

Y/n:"Me too... but you are going to be in L.A soon so we can catch up and stuff"I said making them mumble a okay.

Ava:"Just don't do anything stupid...okay"She said making me chuckle a little and nod.

Y/n:"Okay"I said making them smile and hug me once again. I turned and faced my parents to see them giving me a sad smile.

Y/m/n:"Just take care of yourself okay?"

Y/d/n:"Don't do anything stupid"

Y/m/n:"Just be safe Y/n..."She said making me hug them both and nod.

Y/n:"Okay"I said making them hug me tighter. I pulled away and gave them a small smile"I'm going to be okay guys...I have people who love and support me so don't worry and if something is wrong you all will be the first to know okay?"I said making them all pull me into a hug making me hug back.

Skyler:"Okay...bye and call when you land"She said making me nod and say my final goodbyes to them. I walked outside and got in the car sighing.

Camila:"Ready?"She asked making me nod and send them all a small smile.

Y/n:"Yeah"I said making them nod. We drove over to the airport in silence and we were all probably thinking the same thing. What's going to happen? We arrived at the airport and checked our bags in and went to plane.

Gigi:"I cant wait to sleep"She said making us all laugh a little but nod.

Camila:"Yeah I'm going to need it"She said making them all frown and look at her. The girls and guys have become surprisingly close to Camila which was nice.

Abel:"Why?"He asked making her sigh.

Camila:"Well I have a few shows to do so from L.A I go to New York and so on"She said making them nod.

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