Chapter 1:simply happy

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it was the first day of summer and I was very excited! It was nice to be away from the stress of school not having to worry about if I missed a paper or not. A wave of relief came over me as I exited the school for the last time. I just started walking home I heard the pitter patter of feet behind me sounding as if they were running right to me? I looked behind me and I see Mr. fresh running at full speed to me! My eyes went wide as I felt him wrap his arms around me hugging me tightly ."Yo! It's the first day of summer jammster! We should hang some time!"I heard fresh say as he let go of me I looked at him and smiled seeing the shades that he was wearing saying Yolo and the cap on his head backward That he usually wore. He smiled at me."I agree Mr. fresh I have to ask mommy ink and daddy error first though!"I said giggling as we walked to my house together. When I was with him he made me feel very happy I could never stop smiling when I saw his face. And I was excited to spend some time with him since we live so close. As we finally walked up to my house I smiled at him." Well I think this is yo place cya jammy!"I heard mr. Fresh say as he walked to his house which wasn't a very far walk since we were neighbors almost he lives four doors down from me . I smiled and waved goodbye as I walked up to the door and opened it coming inside the house. I close the door behind me as I yelled" mommy dad I'm home!" But no one replied. I looked around searching for my mother she was the one that was usually home but as I was looking around the house I saw a pink slip of paper catch My eye . I walked over to the pink slip of paper that was taped to the fridge. I picked it up and read it. "Dear my sweet little paper jam me and your dad have gone out to run some errands enjoy your first day of summer we will be home soon!~ love mommy ink♡" I smiled to myself my mom always leave the sweetest notes. I decide to walk upstairs and go to my room to watch some TV. I grab the remote from off my bed and turn the TV on as a flopped on my bed and sighed in A mixture of relief and exhaustion. I rested my chin against my arm that was holding my head up. My eyes half opened I started scrolling through all of the channels on the TV Bored. I felt a buzz coming for my pants pocket. It was my cell phone daddy error texted me.:
😎Daddy Error: hey kiddo every thing ok?

Me: yup! I'm good I saw the note mama left I'm in my room watching tv!

😎Daddy Error: oh good! We will be home tonight feel free to invite friends over or what ever. Love ya kiddo!

Me: love you too and thank you!

* text ended *

I smiled and hummed to myself as an idea popped into my head. "I can invite Mr. fresh over he did say he wanted to spend Summer with me! " I said out loud giggling to myself I. I don't know why but I loved to spend time with him it was always fun to matter what we did he is and will always be the greatest friend I ever had. I smiled as I went to my contacts section and scroll down until I saw Mr. freshs name. I clicked the icon and started to text him.

Me: hey Mr. fresh I was wondering if you'd like to come over ! We could watch movies and play games if you would like or go out somewhere!

❤️Mr.fresh:hey yo kiddo! I would love to hang with my best bro! What time you want me there?

Me: anytime you would like my mother and father have gone out and won't be home till tonight so we have a whole house to ourselves!!

❤️Mr.fresh:rad! Be there in five jam jam!

Me:see you soon Mr.fresh!!

*Text end*

A wave of excitement came over me as I smile to my self and say"yes" as if I won something.
I was so excited for him to come over I just can't wait! I was so happy!

FIRST CHAPTER DONE!!! I am so sorry for not updating in so long and I know it's a little short !!!>^< (SORRY!)I'm so excited to be writing this for all of you guys and if you're enjoying the story please let me know in the comments sections and let me know if you have any ideas about the story that I may write about please follow and comment!!! SEE YOU SOON MY LIL READERS!!

Word count:845 (sawwy its short >^<)

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