Author Q&A + Suprise

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Hello here is a mini Q&A consisting of some anime questions and random ones too.

Btw I've got a question (read at the end) aka surprise

I feel bad for not updating, I feel guilty. So I decided to post something that does not use much brain power- wait what?!

My test will be over after Friday. I'll still be answering to PMs and Coments ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

My Answers to Anime Q&A

Let me suffer by answering these questions. Actually I had loads of fun.

1. Who is your favorite male anime character?

One does simply not choose but my ALL time favourite character would be Oikawa from Haikyuu (for now). I can't really choose but I have heaps more.

2. Who is your favorite female character?

Kaori from Your Lie In April. For those you haven't watched it, I won't spoil the story but its a fricking roller coaster of emotions and you won't regret watching it.

3. What is your favorite anime soundtrack?

Assassination Classrom OST - Ritsu

4. What is your favorite anime opening + animation?

Question - Assassination Classroom
Trash Candy - Bungou Stray Dogs

5. What is your favorite anime ending song + animation?

"Namae wo Yobu yo" by Luck Life 
Bungou Stray Dogs Opening isn't that the name?

6. What is your favorite anime scene?

I love all anime scenes its too hard to choose. Probably when Koro~sensei dies (I remember and will proteck you forever) from Assassination Classroom

7. If you could meet an anime character who would it be?

Kuroko from Kuroko no basket

8. What anime character is most similar to you in terms of personality?

Although this anime character is a guy, I can relate to him a lot. Yato from Norgami.

9. What is your favorite thing about anime?

The animation how creators put their effort into creating something amazing. The plot the, the boys-//shot

10. What is your least favorite thing about anime?

Too much cliche romance, (unpopular/popular) boy and girl either meet each other or hate then fall in love and get married. Or when the fandom gets too aggressive about 'boys that belong to them' or shipping pairs. *Cough Attack On Titan with the Ereri shippers*

11. Who are your favorite anime couple?

Kaori x Kousei from Your Lie In April

12. Who is your favorite anime animal?

Nigou from Kuroko no basket. I want a dog like him buy me a pomsky for my birthday please :)

13. What anime would make a good game?

Assassination Classroom

14. What game would make a good anime?

A lot of games I love have been made into anime. I don't know and btw Mystic Messenger can't be anime because its made in Korea and Japanese is anime. *Sorry IF I offended or sounded rude*

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