Symphony [Nagisa Shiota]

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I gave up for the Lies Various Endings punch me in the face. If you want a specific character ending PM or comment me and I'll try and make one.

Pianist! Nagisa x Violinist! Reader

WARNING: After I finished symphony ff, I realised there was a whole new meaning towards the song. I interpreted as two people in love and music included lol. Simple mind, simpleton. Please take your time it's around 2000 words this chapter.


I've been hearing symphonies

Before all I heard was silence

"(y/n), welcome to the prestigious academy, Talents of Music, we are proud to have you here."

A rhapsody for you and me

And every melody is timeless

"Hello my name is (l/n) (f/n) and I play the violin." you smiled bowing down towards the class.

"Please take a seat next to Nagisa," the teacher smiled gesturing towards an empty seat.

You looked at the boy, his blue colour eyes like an ocean. They were beautiful. You shook the thought away and went to take a seat next to him.

You felt a connection with him.

Life was stringing me along

Then you came and you cut me loose

"I can't do this...."

"It's too hard..."

"No matter how many times I try...."

Was solo singing on my own

Now I can't find the key without you

You walked around the campus. Everything was so knew to you, the uniform, the people and even the music. It was just you and your violin. You recently won a music scholar ship to this school. Your parents were very proud.

You loved music a lot and you were willing to give things a new try. Walking inside the building as you walked past the rooms with students practising. However, one music room felt special to you.

Music was playing inside, done with a piano. The graceful music was relaxing, you followed the music. The door was opened ajar, there Nagisa was placing on the piano.

And now your song is on repeat

And I'm dancin' on to your heartbeat

Your heart skipped a beat as you watched him play. His fingers glided over the piano was ease. His eyes were closed enjoying the music. His head was slowly down as he was immersed in his own world, music.

It was a beautiful sight and outside the cherry blossoms were slowly falling. This contrasted as he played the grand piano. As Nagisa hit the last note of the piano, you quietly slipped away. The feeling of the music would stay with you.

You felt empty, worried you would never experience the music again. Walking to your dorm as you begun to practise the violin. Nagisa smiled as he opened his eyes, he knew you visited him.

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