How to Annoy: Family at a Party (21 ways)

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1. Touch all the food by only take a few things

2. If it's at someone else's house and you don't like that person, smear frosting, grease, sauce, or anything else all over their living room furniture

3. Touch all the windows with dirty/greasy hands

4. Play the radio on high so no one can hear each other. Hiss at anyone who tries to change the station or turn it down

5. Pester them like crazy while they're talking

6. While everyone is busy, put sticky notes all over their cars

7. Hide the bathroom hand soap

8. Put as much food on your plate as you can

9. Hide the sodas

10. Set off fireworks randomly

11. Cut in line fir the food

12. Steal all the shoes and put them in the basement

13. This one isn't annoying, it's just logic: hide out in your room till they're gone ((personally, I like my family so I hang out with my cousin in my room or outside))

14. Bark and growl at everyone

15. Prank call everyone but just breath heavily into the phone and let the sounds of the same party be in the background

16. Shove people in a pool

17. Decorate with "beautiful" pictures the night before

18. Sing in a horrible voice to random songs

19. Splash water on everyone's windshield so it creates water marks

20. Act all royal and British. Scold them if they say something rude

21. Make random fake bodily noises

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