Tsundere [Karma Akabane]

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"Oi, no fair!"

"I told you we could stop this."

"B-But..." Karma let go of  his grip. Letting his hand fall on top of the table with yours on top.

"I-I didn't really win..." you pouted as you took your hand away from his. You were arm restling with Karma, he always won which annoyed you.


"You're very cute when you pout (y/n)!" the male grinned.

"S-Stop it baka! It's not like I wanted to win, you too me to!" you shot back.

"You want to play another round?" Karma asked as he cracked his knuckles getting ready.

"O-Ok... but just saying I'm p-playing because y-you told me to," You stuttered.

"Really? Are you sure." Karma smirked as he doubted you.

"Baka yes!" You shrieked. You had enough of his teasing.

You placed your elbow on the table, positioning it in the right spot. Karma did the same only a few centimeters away.

"Game on Baka!"

"You too baka!"

"(y/n), your vocabulary is so limited."


He gripped your hand with his right. Holding it tight but not enough to stop your blood flowing.

Karma using his normal strength, managed to keep his arm up. However you were struggling to push his hand down.

Giving up, you stopped. Karma instantly pushed his hand down unto yours. An obvious defeat with him, winning the second round.

"B-Baka. I let you win!" you shot back.

"Oh really?"

"I made you win because it was obvious you would win!" denying the fact.

"Ehhh... you're not making sense."

The male got up from is seat and gave a small hug, "You're such a Tsundere."

"Baka... I'm not hugging you because you're hugging me." You hugged him back.


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