A Crumbling World

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"Ping!" The elevator doors open to reveal my home away from home; my workplace. The comfort of eggshell coloured walls, black carpeted floor and large roof to floor windows. My cluttered, yet organised desk is near the centre of the room across from my co-worker Callum Wade and my boss Frank Thompson. Despite what you may think we are far from ordinary office workers, in fact the sign in front of our building reads FBI HQ. "Good morning Thali," Callum says brightly, he is usually happy, as he has grown used to the terrible cases we get. The one we are working on now is very disturbing as there is a serial killer on the loose; he draws black birds on the necks of his victims after poisoning them. Our boss walks in a little more hesitant than usual and draws me aside, "Pinto, we've found another victim," he tells me gently; I think I know what's coming and I don't want to hear it. As he says, "I'm so sorry, it's your sister" my world starts to crumble around me. "No" I cry out, "It can't be" I whisper, "We are the only family each other has left" Frank embraces me, "That's not true, you have us and you always will Thali." That night I cry, cry and cry some more until I have no tears left to cry, and then I set my sights on my little sisters murderer.

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