Setting the Rules

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Lex glanced down dispassionately at the blonde whose head was bobbing up and down on his dick. He glanced at his watch wishing she'd hurry the fuck up. He was only semi-erect, yet she didn't bother to change her technique nor did she even seem to notice that he wasn't in to it half as much as she was. That's why he hated fucking socialites. They were too damn eager. They thought if they gave him good head, he'd put a ring their finger giving them access to the Davenport Billions.

The current socialite, frantically sucking him off wasn't even doing a half-way decent job. By far it was one of the worst blow jobs he'd ever had. He preferred his women a bit more seasoned, a little less hungry but boredom and the rumors of her being an ice princess had led him here to her penthouse. They'd barely gotten through the door before she was on him. So much for being an ice princess. She was no challenge whatsoever.

He glanced at his watch knowing at this rate it would take him forever to get off. Lex closed his eyes and thought of the hot redhead from last week. She talked too damn much but she worked his cock like a high class call girl. As he envisioned those sweet lips wrapped around his cock, he got harder. He kept the pretense up until he felt pressure in his balls.

With a low moan he ejaculated. The socialite gagged but didn't pull away. The gagging was a big turn off. Not wanting to spend another second with her, Lex pushed her away. He stood up and tucked himself back into his pants and zipped up.

"Hey, where are you going?" Kimberly called out.

"I've got things to do." He grabbed his jacket off the chair and headed out of the bedroom.

She chased him. "Wait. I thought you were going to stay. "

He clenched his jaw in annoyance as he halted. Why did they always have to make it harder than it had to be? "I never said I was staying the night."

"So you make me give you a blow job and that's it? You don't even bother to return the favor? I'm not some common whore. Do you know who my father is?" she demanded.

A smirked turned the corner of his lips. That old argument. At the very least she could have been more original. He turned on his heel to stare her down. It seemed she finally had the good sense to back away from him. If Lex wasn't so annoyed, he'd be amused but right now, he was in the mood to be kind.

"Yes, I do know who your father is actually. "Eugene Sutherland of the Boston Sutherlands. Oldest son with two younger siblings, one brother, one sister, both of whom have figurehead positions within the family company. He's the head of T.X.M Enterprises, net worth at approximately fifty million give or take a few mil. He's currently on his third wife, this one even younger than the last. But like the first two she's just a cover for his longtime lover Eduardo who masquerades as his executive assistant. The two of them are heavily into leather and bondage and something called pony play. Yes....I'd say I know who your father is."

Kim's face turned molten red by the time he was finished. "You liar! My father isn't some disgusting pervert. I'll sue you for slander."

"And take the risk of damaging pictures surfacing? I doubt Daddy would want you to do that. Look, Kimberly we both know why you invited me here tonight. You thought if you let me fuck you I'd be so enthralled and fall in love with you. The problem with that is you didn't calculate on two things. I'm not interested in marriage and if I was I wouldn't tie myself down to someone with a five thousand dollar a day coke habit."

"You son of a bitch!" She looked as if she were about to charge him but thought better of it. "Get out! Just get the hell out of my house and don't come back." She screamed looking like a vein would explode in her head.

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