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the sound of dripping raindrops
resembles the sound of pounding drums,
and sometimes,
the echoed beatings of my heart
resembles the rumbles and groans
of ancient mountains under wide and cloudless skies.

my muddles thoughts
encompass a louder voice than my spoken words,
and sometimes,
my dull eyes brighten
and resemble the dancing sparks and illuminated flames
of bronze fires raging through everlasting spades of green.

I am a roaring lioness
with a heart of gold and a mind of silver,
and sometimes,
my heart chastises my racing mind
and I retreat soundlessly
into my barren cave,
catching once last glimpse
of a sliver of sunlight
that doesn't shine quite as bright
as it once did." 



this is not a poetry book, i swear; this is a poem that i wrote a while back and it goes almost perfectly with my mc of this book (this is gonna be a short story of literally 10 parts pls calm urself b4 u spaz on me and my lack in writing actual stories ok sorry ty), and i'm really excited for this!!! 

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