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Alexandria's POV

"So I -" I'm cut off as Corey hops out of the car slamming the door. I quickly gather my things and jump out. "Where are you going?" I ask loudly as he starts to walk towards the school.

"Away from you!" Corey yells as he presses the button remote locking his car. He turns without giving me a second glance.

"But I don't know where anything is!" I call back.

"Don't care!" I watch Corey as he retreats glaring at his figure.

"Your first mistake was expecting help from Corey Michaels." A voice says behind me causing me to turn. I look over to see a guy shutting his car door. He smiles at me and his whole face lights up. He would be a little shorter than Corey with shaggy brown hair, he is cute. "I'm Jake." He says as he gets closer, I hear a slight southern accent. "Jake Collins." 

"I'm Lexie. Lexie Michaels."

"Michaels?" He raises an eyebrow. "You are related to that idiot?"

"He is my cousin."

"You have an accent." He blurts out.

"So do you." I counter and I see a pink tinge appear on Jake's cheeks.

"I meant you sound like you aren't from here." He says ringing his hands together.

"Denmark. I'm from Denmark. I'm staying with my Uncle and his family. Corey was supposed to help me but-"

"He is a selfish jerk." Jake finishes cutting me off.

"Something like that."

"I'll show you around." Jake says and for the first time I notice the other people around us. Everyone is heading inside, some in groups, some holding hands with a boyfriend or girlfriend. A few girls look at my outfit and I mentally thank Lily for picking out something to help me blend in. Her jeans and sweater combo make sure I don't stand out like a sore thumb. "Lexie?" Jake snaps me out of my thoughts. "Would you like my help?"

"That would be amazing! Thank you!"

"You're welcome." Jake says with a small smile. "Follow me." I do exactly that. Jake leads me to the administration office where I sign in and get my schedule. Lucky for me all of my classes are with Jake so at least I'll have one friend. "So did you move here over the summer?" Jake asks as we sit down in our home class.

"Uh no. My plane arrived yesterday."

"Oh wow are you like jet-lagged?"

"I don't think it has hit me yet." I say with a laugh. The class fills quickly. I notice Corey walk in with his arm around a girl. His eyes briefly flick over me before he turn his attention back to the blonde. I'm staring at the door when in walks the most beautiful guy I have ever seen. I mean beautiful! He is god like. He has dark brown hair and stubble. He looks well read but you can tell that he has muscles with what is most likely an eight pack hiding underneath his Napa High sweatshirt. He looks like the best of both worlds, smart and athletic.

"Lexie did you hear me?" Jake's voice snaps me out of my thoughts and I tear me eyes away from the god.

"Sorry what?"

"I asked if you want to sit with me at lunch?"

"Of course. Thank you I'd like that." I smile at Jake who grins back.

"Finn!" I hear Corey's voice from across the room. The god like guy moves to sit with my cousin. The giggling blonde girl sits on the Finn's lap with her hand around Corey's neck and I look away to keep from staring.

The teacher walks in and begins her roll call. 

"Oh we have a new student!" She says her eyes darting around the room. "Lexie Michaels can you please stand up?" I do as she asks and she smiles at me. "My name is Miss Roberts. Do you want to tell us a bit about yourself?"

"Alright." I say cautiously. I look down at Jake and he gives me a thumbs up. "My name is Lexie Michaels. I'm seventeen and I just moved here from Denmark."

"Where are you living?" Miss Roberts asks when I am silent for a moment.

"Black Vine Winery. With my cousin." I look over at Corey and his friends but he hasn't heard a word I was saying. The teacher offers me a sympathetic look as I sit down.

"Corey! Finley! Pay attention." Miss Roberts snaps. The pair look up briefly before rolling their eyes and looking away. Miss Roberts sends us off to our first class and I realise just how long my day is going to be.

"Enjoying your first day?"

"Are you going to ask me that after every class? So far I have only been here fifteen minutes."

"Is it like your school in Denmark?"

"I didn't go to school in Denmark." I say softly.


"I was homeschooled."

"Do you have brothers or sisters?" Jake asks as we walk into our English Lit class. My schedule says the teacher name is Mr Parker.


"Lucky!" Jake says.

"But there is no one to blame when I'm in trouble!" Jake laughs at me. "Do you have any siblings?"

"Yup." Jake says popping the 'p'. "Brother." He says in a bored tone.

"That's nice. How old is he?"

"You saw him this morning. We are twins, but we look nothing alike. My brother is Finn Collins."

The Greek god is Jake's brother?! Well school just got crazy.

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Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

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