Chapter 2: Run Phantom Run

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         Phantom and Gold Siren were fighting one of their least favorite ghosts. The Ghost Zone's ''greatest hunter'' was a big pain in the butt. They always did their best to get it over with as quickly as possible. They were a small team. Just the two of them, their best friends Sam and Tucker, and their sister Jazz. On occasion, they got help from their friend Valerie, who was also known as Red Huntress.

         ''That took longer than usual,'' Tucker complained.

         Phantom held the thermos that held the hunter. He just hooked it onto his belt.

        ''He calls himself the Ghost Zone's 'greatest hunter', but he constantly has his butt handed to him by a bunch of kids,'' Siren laughed.

         ''Why can't he ever just stay in the Ghost Zone and leave us alone,'' Sam complained.

         ''As creepy as it is, he wants our pelts on his wall,'' Phantom reminded.

         They all shivered as the creepiness chilled their spines.

         ''We still beat him, though,'' Jazz pointed out. ''Is it just me, or are these fights getting easier. Especially since Ember, Fright Knight, Johnny, and Kitty all turned over new leaves.''

         ''After Pariah Dark, Obsidian Siren, and the Disasteroid, there can not possible be anymore enemies that could be worse than them,'' Sam says. ''We are getting way too tough for these guys.''

         ''They're just annoying now, like the Box Ghost,'' Tucker said.

         ''No one is that annoying,'' Siren shook his head. ''If I hear 'BEWARE' one more time, i'm going to lose it.''

         ''More so than you already have,'' Tucker chuckled.

         ''We may have just fought a ghost, but I can still kick your butt any day of the week,'' Siren glared, making him weak in the knees.

          ''With a glare like that, you can make even Walker cower in fear,'' Phantom laughed.

         ''At least something will keep him off our backs whenever he tries to arrest us,'' Siren joked.

         Of course, their nice moment just had to be ruined. This time, it was ended by Phantom being hit by an anti-ghost energy blast. Those types of blasts have the same energy signature as the anti-ghost mineral, ectoranium.

        Phantom was blasted into the wall of a nearby warehouse. Gold Siren wasn't too far behind when another blast hit him. He may be a siren, but with ghosts and sirens both being magical, the energy also effected him.  They looked up to see two people standing with GIW agents. One was a tall and fat man in an orange jumpsuit. The other was a short woman with orange-brown hair in a blue jumpsuit. The man had a smoking gun.

        ''Mom, dad,'' the heroes gasped.

         After the Disasteroid incident, they had revealed their secret to their parents. They thought they were okay with it. But as it turns out, they were just really good actors.

        ''You monsters are no children of ours,'' Maddie glared, pointing her gun.

        Jazz, Sam, and Tucker all stood in front of their friends. 

         ''Stay away from them,'' Jazz ordered. 

         ''You'll have to go through us first,'' Sam stated.

         ''We were afraid you would say that,'' Maddie said.

        Three shots. Two screams. Two broken hearts.

                                                    *****End Flashback*****

         Phantom's eyes glowed brighter than they ever had before, turning their ghost green color. He looked at the agents torturing Siren.

         ''Never again,'' he growled.

          He ignored the shocks from the collar as he stood up. It might block most of his powers, but not his strongest one. He took in a deep breath and let out his ghostly wail. Even weakened, it broke down the wall between the two cells. The agents were sent into the wall. Phantom ran to Gold Siren.

         His collar beeped, falling off the ghost boy's neck.

        ''You need to go,'' Siren told him. ''Get help.''

         ''I can't leave you,'' Phantom says, crying. ''They'll kill you.''

       ''I know you'll find help,'' Siren said. ''This cell was meant for me, not you, so your powers work now.''

         ''B...but,'' Phantom tried.

        ''I know that you will save me,'' Siren says. ''Just go, please.''

         Agents crashed through the doors. They fired on them, two of them hitting Phantom in his shoulder and side. He started bleeding. He ran to the wall. He looked at Siren.

          ''Run, Phantom, run,'' he told him. ''I know you'll save me, big brother.''

          Phantom phased through the wall, escaping so he could save his only family.  

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