Part 10

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I apologize for being so lazy :) I've been so busy with work and fangirling and honestly, I ran out of ideas. HAHAHA. But thanks to my persistent friends! Here's your update.

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All was set and ready. The food tasted delicious, yes after years of training with her mother she have managed to produce descend homemade meals, pastas were her thing... She have cooked his favorite and have set the table for two in a very romantic settings, candles and flowers, it looked really nice to tell the true.

As for her, well she have taken a bath and spend some time grooming and making herself pretty, she have donned her most sexy black underwear and a very nice black mini dress. She looked fabulous and with her hair up in a messy bun she looked ready for action. Hopefully he will read the signals loud and clear.

She heard her doorbell ringing and she rushed to answer the door. There he was wearing different clothes from this morning, blue jeans and a white shirt rolled up to his elbows, he looked totally good for dinner... Ok, back to him, again he brought with him a bouquet of roses. She accepted it graciously as she said "You shouldn't have bothered..." But of course he should bother, every time for the rest of his life, she liked the attention, she loved that he actually took the time to bought the roses and bring the wine. His good points have topped any other boyfriend she has ever had... Trust James Reid to be all charming and adorable and sexy at the same time, she has taken the decision of not resist him anymore, what must happen, will happen...

"Of course I should." He said as he stepped in and grabbed her by the waist. She was surprised to feel his lips on her lips, but she recovered easily and returned the kiss, slow and sweet but too short for her taste, she wanted him badly as a warm delicious feeling began to run in her body. 'Why he have to stop?' Her body still burned as he said "That was nice."

"But it could be so much more... "She said in a whisper as she brought his head down for another kiss, she put all her might and strength in it, as she pushed him back against the closed door.

He was enjoying it, she could feel it in the way his body has hardened but then he slowed down the kiss, until it became a mere caress of lips, He lifted his head and said "Dinner is going to get cold."

"We can eat later." Nadine said as she grabs his hand and began to pull him in her room.

He actually stopped walking in the middle of her room. "I think we should eat first Nadine, we need to talk."

Nadine turned around to look at him, she was feeling a little frustrated... "Don't you want me?" She had sounded desperate and needy... It didn't matter anymore, they have known each other for years and nothing she would do could surprise him anymore. She bit her lip and looked at him, he was actually smiling as he pulled her closer and kissed her slowly.

"Of course I want you Naddie... Very badly to tell the truth, the only thing I can think right now, is to kiss you senseless and carry you to your room and make things that will have you blush for days just remembering what we did..."

Nadine let out the breath she was holding in, as she looked into his eyes, they were full of desire and she could bet they were a reflection of her own eyes. "I agree let's go to my room right now, please." She said in a breathy whisper as she grabbed his hand and tried to make him walk.

He pulled her back to himself and wrapped his arm around her waist. "Not too fast, we still need to talk."

"Whatever it is I will say yes." She was getting desperate for real, her body was so attuned to him that she could feel him in every fiber of her being.

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