Part 9

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She looked at her new image one more time before rushing to open the door of her apartment. A weird feeling invaded her body as she approached the door, wondering if he would like it, her hair was now a rich brown, when last time it have been totally black. She has decided to wear the cream colored one shoulder cocktail dress she had added to her collection. It gave her figure a nice look and was the proper length for a first date, a little under the middle of her thighs. You know, just to follow the most basic rule in dressing to show but don't show too much... Well, he has seen it all, but it wouldn't hurt to tease his sight. Well, the final touch has been a pair of gold earrings and a very light make-up.

She took a deep breath as she took the handle of the door, suddenly wondering why he wasn't using his own keys to get in, when another knock in the door took her out of her wandering thoughts and made her open the door slowly.

He was there standing in a very nice black suit, with a white t-shirt, the first few buttons left unbuttoned... Yes he looked totally fine, but what surprised her the most and left her trying to found how she was suppose to breath, was the arrange of red roses he was carrying with him. She looked from to flowers to his face and back again.

"Naddie aren't you going to invite me in?" He said as he smiled at her.

"Why?" Nadine whispered as she just stood there like a statue, wondering what was happening.

"Why what?" She looked totally cute with that surprised expression on her face.

"Why don't you just use your keys to get in? And why are you holding those roses?" She couldn't understand.

"Well, since we are now officially dating, I thought we should do this the right way. You know, No entering unannounced and bringing flowers to the lady..." He stepped in and handed her the roses. She grasped them without a second thought and looked at them; she hadn't received flowers in ages... She just felt so moved by his gesture. She was going to thank him, when she felt his lips on her cheek. She looked up quickly, words really failing her with him lately "I..."

He took his time to really look at her and said "You look beautiful Nadine; I like the new color of your hair. It suits you." He leaned forward again and kissed her other cheek "Thanks for making the effort; it means a lot to me."

She took a deep breath and said "No, I should be the one thanking you." She looked at the roses and said "These are beautiful" She looked up and smiled at him "Let me put them in water before we go." She ran to the kitchen and found a vase to put them in. Then she walked back to the living room and grabbed her purse. "All set."

"Great, let's go. I promise we will have a nice evening today."

"I can't wait..."

The drive to the restaurant was pretty quiet, so uncharacteristically of them, but she guessed they were getting used to the idea of treating each other as more than just friends... Ok, SHE was the one trying to come to terms with all this attention and dedication from James; he even opened the door for her, the car and the restaurant for her... Ok, he had done that before, but it just felt weird, even more so when their bodies brushed each other and an electric shock occurred where they touched each other.

She looked around the restaurant to distract herself as the maitre called for a waiter to guide them. She has always loved this place, the food was always delicious and the view of the city from up here was simply breathtaking. Their favorite spot was a table by the window, but it was already taken and she felt a little disappointed, thinking James hadn't made a reservation. She looked around for empty tables and there were several in the center of the room, she guessed one of those will be their table and shrugged. Her eyes keep travelling around the room to discover that the reserved area was full of candles... "How romantic..." she said to herself as she watched a waiter coming out from the place behind the curtains.

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