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Kaminari Hiroko belongs to AznFLower, but the Holy Light belongs to me :)


Kaminari Hiroko, a girl at the age of eleven, sat sadly on the swings nearest to her home. It was an old park with a much too old playground that the old swing set squeaked horrible every time she swung back and forth.

She looked up from the dirt floor when she hear whispering from passing girls, which were staring inventively at her. They were judging her, criticizing the way she looked, at the way she dressed, like they always did.

“Is that hair natural?”

“What's up with her clothes? Talk about no sense in fashion.”

“Shh. I think she can hear us.”

Kaminari blushed in embarrassment and refused to look up, so instead she studied her clothes which the girls had been criticizing. Her shirt, which belong to a boy, was a checker theme shirt, the colors being gray and red. The sleeves passed her hands an were never folded back for her hands to be seen; it was too much of a hassle.

She wore a pair of red shorts that reached her mid-thigh, black stockings that covered the remaining of her legs, and black tennis shoes. Around her shoulder she carried a small messenger bag in which she carried her black hat, her wallet, her phone, and three pictures of her family members.

Kaminari sighed, not because of what they had said she was used to it and she thought nothing was wrong with her clothing, but she just wished she could have talked to them. It was hard to speak with anyone, in her point of view, she didn't know what to say; she need to say something interesting.

She scrapped her shoes on the dirt to stop the swing from moving and as she did a small sound started sounding from her bag. It was odd, no one but her family had her number and they never blocked the calls.

Do you want to start?

~ Yes


'To start what,' Kaminari thought as she tapped at her phone undecided, but then click the message to send 'yes' as the answer.

“Kaminari Hiroko.”

Kaminari stood up quickly as her name was called, she had thought someone had come to look for her, but the voice had come from her phone. A female voice that was calm and soothing, something she had never heard before.

She started shaking it and tapping her finger on the screen, but nothing happen so she brought it up to her ear. No sound came out, not even when she started shaking it like if it was a juice bottle; another sound came out of it that almost scared her half to death.

“Your destiny is calling you, Kaminari. It's time for you to decide your future, my sister.”

'Sister,'Kaminari raised a brow at her phone kicking her feet up to make the swing start moving back and forth again.

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