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Chapter 23 - Detours


The man continued to grin at the woman who flicked her hair over her shoulder and pursed her vibrant red lips in hope to look more appealing. I think it was working because Scott’s dad was eating it up. I couldn’t really blame the girl for trying so hard either. He had either aged really well or had Scott at a really young age. If this was what Scott had to look forward to when he was older then I really hope I was around to see it.

Scott was still not speaking, only watching them both with a glare with so much anger I was surprised that they both didn’t burst into flames. Maybe it was time for me to step in.

“Scott.” I cautioned. When he didn’t turn to look at me I began again. “Scott listen to me. We are going to walk out of this restaurant and then talk about this. Please don’t do anything too drastic.” Again he didn’t listen but something snapped inside of him before he marched forward with long strides.

“You bastard.” He hissed when he was near his dad. The older man looked up in shock before he began to grin again. His toothy grin wasn’t the same as his sons. It was menacing and made my insides crawl. I knew that my presumption of this man was right. I immediately didn’t like him.

“Scott! My dear boy, how are you? Isn’t this a fine restaurant? Have you tried the salmon? It’s fantastic .” He drawled on, voice deep and rich, not even a hint of guilt for what we had caught him doing. The woman seated beside him looked at us, totally confused.

Scott completely ignored his father’s words.

“You told mum you were trying to get your head clear! You said you still loved her. You didn’t mention that you were going on dates with some blonde whore!” He half shouted. I grimaced at his tone and of how people in the restaurant were turning to look at the drama happening. I thought Scott had gone a little too far, the woman really didn’t deserve to be called that. Maybe she didn’t know he was married?

“He didn’t mean that. He’s just mad.” I cut in for the woman’s sake. She looked at me with a look of plain distaste.

“Would you children please leave John and I to our date? We have things to finish.” She then placed her hand on John’s legs, digging her long red nails in as she did so. Okay maybe she did deserve to be called a whore. John chuckled quietly and turned back to his son.

“It’s fine Matilda, let them stay. Scott, son, you know how it is. Your mother, she was never going to forgive me. And a guy’s got needs.” At that point I wanted to be sick. How can a grown man act like this in front of his son? It was disgusting. And to be honest I wanted Scott to punch him, just to shut him up. Scott’s shaking balled up fist were evidence that he too felt my desire. But the vile man continued.

“And if your mother choses to take me back, then I will go gladly. You won’t mention this to her will you?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. A sadistic laugh escaped Scott.

“Are you kidding me? Of course I’m going to tell her what trash you really are.” He hissed through his teeth. John sighed, his eyes then shifted over to where I stood. Like before I could feel my insides turn as his gaze made me want to squirm but I stayed strong and laid a hand on Scott’s arm, partly to support him and the other to support myself. Never had I been in a situation like this. I never expected to be in this kind of drama when I moved here and I didn’t have a clue what to do.

“And who is this lovely young thing? Your new toy? Well done son, well done.” The older man grinned, nodding his head in apparent approval.  I could feel a bile rise in my throat. Thankfully Scott saw this too and gently pushed me protectively behind him.