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Bryce's pov

I'm hiding in my closet. Feeling my skin change.

"Why is this happening to me?" I whisper tears streaming down my face.

I knew they were here. They were screaming at mom and dad down stairs.

Gunshots. They're really loud.

My skin stops changing. I'm normal again. I think.

"Where are you!?" Someone screams downstairs.

My door bursts open. Someone with a gun walks in.

He opens the closet making me scream, I feel my skin change.

"Found ya." He says and smiles. His teeth are yellow.

He grabs my arm and pulls me out. My skin changes one more time before I'm my normal me.

We pass by the living room where a bunch of other people are.

They're looking at something on the floor.

I look away when I see blood.

He forces me into a car and we drive away from my home.

"Where are we going?" I ask.

"Your new home." Is all he says.

I sneeze.

"That's adorable. Your like a little kitten.... Kitten....hmmm....." With that he watches the road and we drive away from my old home.

Time skip- 20 years have passed

I'm in my room. Looking at the ceiling.

Training was in a few minutes.

I can't remember anything of my childhood except the day they took me.

The day they changed my life.

I lift my hand up and look at it, shifting through all the different skins I had.

One moment I was my normal dirty blond haired blue eyed boy then I was a young brunette with hazel eyes then a old fat man I ran into during a mission.

I killed him on the spot.

It haunted me for a few days afterwards.

Then they trained me and I forgot.

The door opens and I jump to my feet, my senses on high alert.

The guard  stand there, I can sense the fear radiating off him. I killed my last guard.

He was talking shit about the paranormal. About me.

"Let's go kitten." I smirked and he gulped.

I followed him into the training room.

I always trained alone. Unless it was with another paranormal they wanted me to eliminate.

Saying that the training went to far to cover up the dirty deed.

Only the new comers believe the lie.

I never ate with the other paranormals. I was always by myself. Whenever I showed up all talk in the room would silence.

I lived bringing fear.

I walk into the room and hide my frown when I see the electrical floor.

My Guard hands me a knife before walking away. More like running.

I know what was going to happen next.

Bars lowered from the low hanging roof and I grabbed onto one, lifting myself up and away from the deadly ground.

"Ready kitten?" They asked through the speakers.

I sit on top of the bars and nod my head making the lights go out.

The floor lights up, crackling with electricity.

They release paranormal monkeys.

They had six arms and held deadly poison within there canines.

There was five, all swinging over to me, barring there teeth.

I grip the knife and go beneath the bars, unlike the monkeys who are climbing ontop.

When they pass over me I pull myself up grabbing the closest one and snapping its neck, letting it fall to the ground and sizzle into bacon.

The others notice and lunge towards me. I stab one in the stomach and punch another one off the bars.

I pull the knife out and demolish the rest of the monkeys.

The lights turn back on and the electricity dies.

I smile and jump to the ground.

"Okay, get into your suit were going out on a mission to stop terrorists from bombing a hidden sanctuary in the woods." The intercom says and I nod my head.

The guards come to get me and to fuck with them I copy there clothes, matching any other worker here.

After a bit of panic I go back to normal, getting a hit in the back of the head for the stunt.

I growl a warning and the person who did it pales and backs away.

I enter my room and quickly change into the gear they gave me.

After some struggle to get onto the private jet, were already arrived at the woods.

One of the men I'm with points in a direction where talking can be heard from.

I nod my head and shift into a girls skin.

I had transformed into a 18 year old, big boobed, brown haired, green eyed Caucasian.

I left my gun with them, holding onto a pipe bomb, which was stuffed between my boobs, a couple knives hidden in my boots and a    Small hand gun tucked between my waist band.

I flop down and roll around in the dirt to look as if I'd been walking for days, getting snickers from the men behind me.

The leader shushes them and I get back up, walking in the direction of the terrorists.

Luke's pov.

I clean up the house. Having stayed home using my vacation day. I just really didn't feel like going to work.

Jon did though.

He isn't home until 6.

He's my best friend and room mate for about 10 years now.

I sigh and look out the window.

The sun was shining and there were a few clouds.

at some point I fell asleep, sprawled on the couch.

I woke up to loud banging at my front door.

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