Chapter 1 | One Month Later

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Braunick closed in on him, his giant shadow looming over him. Agent 34 was scared that the foe would kill him.

Braunick raised his blade over Agent 34's head and began to throw it down on him. The elf's arm shot in front of his face in protection, the cursed gem that was bound to his hand back on it.

Before Braunick brought the sword down on him, he said three words that horrified Agent 34 since the day he heard them:

We are brothers.

His voice echoed throughout Agent 34's head, giving him chills all over and sending him jumping in fear. 

Agent 34 sat up in his bed quickly, drenched in sweat. His forehead was cluttered with droplets of sweat that maneuvered themselves down Agent 34's face as he sat up. Breathing heavily, Agent 34 wipes the sweat off his body and layer back down onto his bed. He shoved the blanket off of him, and sat on his mattress using his own body for warmth.

Even though his nightmare was over, he knew it'd come back tomorrow. It always did. Before he shut his eyes again, he glanced back over at Marque's empty bed. The bed sat unmade in a sloppy mess of sheets. 

He shut his eyes tightly, only to be sent back into his nightmares to relive Braunick's words all over again:

We are brothers.

~ ~ ~

Agent 34 awoke groggily the next morning, drenched in sweat and fear once again. Every time he slept, he would have that same memory of Braunick closing in on him and saying they are brothers.

Not only are Agent 34 and Braunick brothers, but they are the only pair of seperate-species-twins in all of Renya. One of their parents were an elf, the other was a human. Agent 34 didn't know which was which, Braunick had never said, and Agent 34 never had the memories to prove anything. He'd never met his parents before either, he didn't even know if they were alive.

Agent 34 walked out of his bedroom and went to the clinic part of the Zena, which took up an entire floor of it, Floor 3B to b exact. 

Marque has been in the clinic ever since Agent X had infected him with Serphera, a mixture of many deadly snake blood and venom. There was only one known cure to it, which was some sort of liquid that was in the heart of Renya, Urania. Urania also happened to be the place where Braunick's castle sat, until Thad, Arenia, Agent 34, Fáolar, Venon, and Wímad destroyed all of it and hopefully Braunick himself.

Most of the Zena thought Braunick had died when the castle came crashing down, but that doesn't mean someone else didn't. Vrängr, who was one of Braunick's right hand men, wasn't in the giant castle when it came crashing down. A few members of the Zena believe that Vrängr might rebuild Braunick's empire and his plans to destroy Renya. 

Those members are only saying that because Vrängr betrayed the Zena a few months back. He had posed as a loyal member for years, even fought in the Battle of Bones for them, but he was actually on Braunick's side the whole time, feeding him information about their plans and everything else he could ever want or need.

We are brothers.

Braunick's words echoed throughout his head again, making Agent 34 shudder. That statement was enough to ruin his day. And those words kept coming back to him, despite whatever he did to avoid them. Although they tortured him mentally, there was another sentence that gave Agent 34 hope.

Ismara is alive.

Fáolar has explained that Ismara was never killed, and she was being controlled into being on Braunick's side. 

Ismara was Agent 34's best friend before she went missing. She was a fellow Destigem, and fought fearlessly beside him in every battle. Then one day, when her father, Fáolar, never came back to the Zena, she foolishly took off towards Urania to try to get him back. She never returned, and all of Braunick's minions said she was dead, but Fáolar says she was being controlled and put undercover to try to destroy the Zena along Braunick's side.

Fáolar also said Braunick was unable to turn her energy into dark energy. He stated that he tried so hard, but he couldn't break the wall surrounding it. It was too strong for him, which is surprising because Braunick was the strongest person in all of Renya.

What was even more surprising was that Agent 34 had defeated him and foiled his plans to destroy Renya. 

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