chapter 2

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as the weekend rolled by and school started up again the next monday, arie woke up and quickly got ready for school. she wore black leggings and a blue nasa t shirt with some all black high top converse. she left her house and got into her jeep and drove to school. arie walked into her school campus doors with her side backpack on her shoulder. as she looked up she saw her schools name on the side of the brick building. it read 'lakewood high'.

she walked into the building and straight to her locker. she dialed the three separate numbers and opened the door. she was surprised when she saw calum, her best friend walking up to her. she was kind of upset because every time she tried making plans over the weekend, calum would end up ditching arie. she literally tried all weekend to make plans and just to see him yet he chose his new friend liam or whatever to hang out with instead. arie turned around and faced calum with a stank look on her face.
"still upset there arie?" calum said followed with a laugh.
"yes! very upset. why do you keep choosing that guy liam over me?" she said with a pout on her face. she crossed her arms and listened to calums excuse once again.
"c'mon arie! first his name is luke and second he's new to town well, not new new but anyway, i met him before i even became friends with you but he moved with his parents but he's back now! and i think you'd really like him if you gave him a chance." calum tried to get arie on board with all three of them hanging out. but arie was still on the fence.
"well i'll see what's gonna happen later on. does he go to our school?" arie replied to calum. and just as calum was about to reply arie got one, but with a much deeper and more huskier voice from behind her. she jumped and turned around, her cheeks red from blushing. "baby girl," luke said. she looked like up and down from his head to his toes. she thought the was beautiful but as she's been hurt before she knew he was a player. i mean who else says babygirl? lesbians and fuckboys.

authors note:
(to be continued!! PSA if u want me to keep going comment below telling me what you want and i'll make sure i keep going but if i don't get enough comments i'm not gonna keep going so y'all just lmk! love ya!)

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