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"William!" Sisky screams in William's room, William lets out an annoyed groan. William was sleeping before Sisky started to scream at the older.

"What?" He says, being half awake, half asleep. William is still in his clothes from when he went out with Gabe, the scent of adventure still on his coat. The taste of blue raspberry is still in his mouth from the night before.

"Don't you what me!" He scoffs at him almost immediately, "Where were you last night! I saved your ass!" Sisky exclaims. William's eyes become wide as he remembers, the Siska's have a fucking security alarm. How could William forget, it bothered him all throughout winter break with Jason going in and out at 1am.

"Oh shit," William whispers, he looks up at Sisky, "Thank you so much, Adam." William says, trying to stand up and hug Sisky, Sisky rolls his eyes and pushes him off.

"Take me to the mall, and buy me a chipotle bowl," Sisky says crossing his arms, trying to seem assertive for once in his life.

William looks him up and down, "no" He scoffs to Sisky, "Why don't you go by yourself?" William raises an eyebrow.

"The girl at Chipotle-It's just" Adam says, "And like- Never Mind!" Sisky says, William is confused to what Sisky is saying.

"What?!" William asks.

"Can you just go for me, okay? I'll come with you!" Sisky says to William. William rolls his eyes and grabs his coat.

"Let's go."


William wakes up the next day, regretting even going out with Gabe, getting his sleep schedule all messed up. After William puts on his clothes, and brushes his hair, he goes upstairs to see Sisky standing by the door.

"Drive me," Sisky says quietly to William, handing him the keys.

"You can drive to school Sisky." William says, looking at the younger boy, Sisky gives him a pleading expression, "Ugh fine," William says walking out of the house.


"Stop it," William says to Sisky as they walk side by side in the hall together, Sisky just smiles at him. "Love you too, Bill," Sisky walks off to go talk to his girlfriend, who William has to admit looks really fucking good. He's gay, not blind.

"Hey," Gabe says to William, he's leaning up against a locker, looking like a cliche high schooler William always thought of whenever somebody mentioned 'love in high school'.

"What's up?" William asks him, walking over towards him, going to lean next to him.

"You looked really cute the other day," Gabe says, William rolls his eyes.

"Are you saying I don't look cute everyday?" William asks him, smiling into a smirk.

Gabe laughs, "You look really cute, William. I wouldn't worry if I was you." Gabe says back.

"So," William starts to say, "Did you like the other night?' William asks with hopefulness in his eyes.

"William I've been meaning to ask you something." Gabe cuts in, not answering the question, at all.

"Hm?" William hums back to him.

"You wanna like, be my boyfriend." Gabe says awkwardly, almost awkward enough for William to start laughing.

"Wow, such a romantic, Gabe." William says smiling to him, Gabe raises his eyebrows. William leans in to kiss him, "Sure," He says breathlessly separating himself from the kiss. "What could go wrong."

"You won't be disappointed, angel."

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