August Alsina

"How you like it" I asked Nova she finally had time to drop by the studio with me so I'm letting her hear a couple of my songs right now wait was currently playing

"I love it they sound nice but don't you think if you put these out they going to think we having problems in our relationship " she asked

"I mean I did write this when we was going through what we was going through" I told her

"I guess but they sound good you sound good babe but I promise from now on we in this together it won't get to the point where you have to pour you heart out like this I love you " she held my face

"I love you too " I kissed her as wait continued to play

The next song was lonely that played

"I remember hearing you sing this in the shower but I didn't think you was actually making a song because you know you be singing about everything" she laughed

"Yeah you like it" I asked

"I love it you really did your thing " she kissed me again " when you dropping these"

"Soon" I said and she looked back at me and laughed so did I

"Soon as in how soon"

"Soon as I'm ready you know I got to make sure everything sound right I can't be giving my fans no half as shit "

"Everything sounds great but whenever you ready "

"Appreciate it " I held her waist and put my chin on her shoulder

"Can you replay this one I really like it" she said

"Yeah just press that button right there " I pointed

"This" she put her hand over it and I nodded she pressed it and lonely replayed I watch her as she she sung along this time

"You know the words already you just heard it"

"Some of it but I'm about to learn the whole thing and wait " she closed her eyes listening to the song

"You look so beautiful " I whispered in her ear

"Thank you babe " she smiled

"How was work" I asked

"It was great besides London trying to take over like always like it's her show" she looked up at me " she going to make me fight her"

"You ain't going to fight nobody Nova" I gave her a serious look

"If she keep trying me I will" she huffed " but how was your day"

"I've been here all day so I'm tired the boys left before you came in except for T" T was standing outside the room chilling I told him he could have stayed in but he said he was going to give us our time while he make sure nobody else came in

"Why you just didn't wait until you got home to show me August" she asked turning all the way around towards me

"Because I was already here working and when I get home I'm showering and going straight to sleep"

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