Ch. 22 The Truth Will Bleed Out Soon Enough.

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~ Ayla's P.O.V ~

Logan kissed me, and I watched him walk out the door.

I walked to the couch and lied down, a few minutes later I fell asleep.


I woke up, I looked at the time and my eyes widen.

"I slept all day?"
I heard a noise, I turned my head, it was coming from the bedroom.

I walked slowly and quietly to the bedroom.
I opened it a crack, and I saw Logan under the sheets..

I heard giggling..

I slowly stepped in.

I hid under the bed, because Logan was getting out.

I saw him walk out, I saw a girls foot step down on the floor, she had her toe nails painted white with black roses on top.

She went in Logan and I's clothes and wore one of Logan's shirts.

She was wearing a bra and underwear only..

Logan came back in, and kissed her.

Tears escaped my eyes.

I wiped them away, watching him kiss a different girl killed me.

Fuck Logan, why do you have to do this to me..

I couldn't take it anymore, I couldn't just sit there letting Logan do this.

I get out from under the bed.

"A-Ayla?!" He looked at me shocked.
"What the fuck do you think you are doing? I thought you loved me?!" I yelled.
"Ayla.. It's not like that..." He pouted.
"Save it." I slapped him.
He put his hand on his cheek.
"Don't call me."
"Ayla!" He screamed.

I'm done with you Logan Alexander Paul.

I slammed the door behind me.

I ran to Erika's room.

"We need to get out of here." I started crying.
Erika and Jake look at me, Jake and Erika were vlogging.
"What's wrong?" Erika asked.
"Logan is cheating on me." I broke down in tears.
"Wait so you weren't the one in there?!" Jake widen his eyes.
"No.. Why?" I looked at him confused.
"They were...." He looked down.
"Oh.." I started crying even more.

Erika walked up to me and hugged me.
"Let's go."
"Thank you." I hugged her back.

Jake, Erika, and I walked out of their room.

Logan walked out at the same time.

"Ayla, you don't understand!"
"Oh trust me, I understand you loving a different girl." I walked away.
"Don't leave!" He grabbed my arm.
"Back off Logan!" Jake pushed Logan.
"You're not apart of this, get out of the fucking way." Logan pushed Jake to the wall.
"She doesn't need you around her, you're disgusting." Jake said.

Logan punched him.
Jake pushed him and punched him back.
Logan fell, but got back up, and pushed Jake on the floor.

"Jake!" Erika screamed.
"Oh you're dead." Jake whispered.

Jake tackled Logan on the ground.

He put his arm around Logan throat.

Logan's face turned red, he tried punching Jake but he couldn't.

"St-st-op.." He struggled to say.

Logan passed out.

"JAKE STOP!!" I screamed.
Jake looked at Logan and his eyes widened.
"Logan! Answer me! Stop this isn't funny!" Jake moved Logan.
I kneeled and rested my head on Logan, my tears were on his chest.

"We have to bring him to the hospital!" I screamed.
Erika, Jake, and I carried him to the car.

We drove as fast as we could to the hospital.

"Hurry!" I had Logan's head resting on my legs I was putting my hand threw his hair, I looked at his face. I started crying. I kissed his forehead.

"Please make it, I love you Logan." I whispered in his ear.

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