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Welcome to my new book!

This is a Newtmas book, which means it's about a relationship between two boys. If you don't like that, I suggest you leave now. And to everyone else - I hope you'll enjoy this book!

Artist, painter!Newt
Sad, insecure!Thomas

A Newtmas story where Newt is a painter who likes to draw beautiful flowers and drink tea, and one day he founds the most beautiful flower -Thomas, who is a sad boy with a low self-esteem who just wants to be loved.

• maybe some cursing
• low self-esteem
• depressing thoughts (not many)
• sad thomas (sometimes, not often)

I'm so happy bc this book will be so fluffy and cute! I love when newt and thomas are cute supportive boyfriends :')

• Short chapters (maybe 600-900 words)
• I don't write smut
• Ido not own the characters, all credits go to James Dashner
• Please don't steal my ideas
• I apologise for my English, it's not the best but I'm working on it

Thank you for all the support and love! You're all so so lovely 💜

Dedicated to the angelic sxngsters and the wonderful NOTPINKFLOYD and to everyone who loves newtmas as much as I do 💜

(written + published October 2017,
edited + re-published December 2018)

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