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I got off the train and zipped up my hoodie. I looked at all the people here and put my head down going through them. You would think as a famous person they would be able to spot you quickly. I didn't look like myself though... so it was easy.

I walked through the crowd getting a little annoyed at the fact that people weren't trying to get out of my way. Some even dropped their food onto me without saying 'I'm sorry' people were rude. Once I found a bench I sat down. I looked through the messages I got and clicked on one of them.

Shawn: Where are you?

I didn't want to answer him. It was bad enough he made me feel like shit over the years. I should've known he was a pig and just wanted me for my body.

I blocked his number and called my sister to let her know I was here. I got here on my own. I had money and everything I just needed to see my sister.

"Hey, I'm here... I just needed to come back for a while..Hit me up later solo." I sighed.

She probably was ignoring.

Everyone thought I was running from something... and it was true... I was running from something.

A lot of things.



Back with a new story.

This is... different.

What do you think Beyoncé is running from?


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