When Love Met Destruction (Chris Motionless's Love) Introduction

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Uhhhh….hi. I’m Leila Adams. I play bass for a band called Black Treasure. I’m the quiet one of the group. I really don’t talk to people unless they are fans. I love the fans; we wouldn’t be here without them. Anyway, the reason why I don’t talk much is because of my past. My mother left when I was about 15, (I’m 22 now) and my father blamed it on me. He beat me, raped me and taught my ex-boyfriend the same thing. All my friendS abandoned me so I was truly alone. Until I met Jack, Michael, Lester, and Peter.  That was 3 years ago. They literally saved my life, although I don’t trust anyone but them. Lester especially. I still have that constant thought at the back of my head that they are going to kick me out of the band and abandon me. We will be going on our second tour called the Fearless Friends tour. Blessthefall is headlining, and Motionless in White, The Word Alive, Tonight Alive, and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Will be with us. (pretend ADTR and Mayday Parade doesn’t exist)

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