Chapter Two - "Excuse me! My hair does not look like a dead squirrel!"

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People say that riding a motorbike is like flying. It's as though you're finally living your life to the fullest with the feeling of air rushing past you in one quick whoosh and it's do or die time, a sort of adrenaline rush. Well whoever said that was lying. The only thing that I was doing, was praying to dear God for my life. Not only was I sitting behind Sean as he sped downtown, but I was also getting a little sick and for everyone's sake I could only hope that we'd stop before I would get the chance of throwing up the fishy looking lunch I had.

Redwood passed my eyes in a blur, but it wasn't like I needed to see it to know what we were passing. Redwood was like its name. A huge mass of red flowering trees that weren't chopped down enough so it was upgraded to a forest and well Redwood became the town's official name. Like its name, Redwood was boring and really shallow just like Jessica and her cronies. Alright, fine, Redwood wasn't shallow or was it boring.

It was large for a town and the residents were split up evenly, the rich side and then the middle-class side. I, like the majority of Redwood, feel into the latter. My mother had been the only parent I'd ever known and had to work as an assistant manager at a marketing company in the city. It wasn't like I knew my father, or that he had cheated on my mother or that he had been part of the mafia. He really was an unknown, almost as if he never existed. Although, he must have existed because my mother very clearly explained that I was conceived in a night of love and passion. Or better known as a one-night stand.

My mother was going through her rebellious stage, ran away from home and got drunk. After meeting another runaway, she realised she was pregnant. Deciding it was time to grow up, she moved to Redwood and had me, away from the prying eyes of her judgmental family. Sometimes I felt guilty that I came along when I did, because my other didn't really have much like with guys when they discovered she had an eighteen year old daughter. Although, I was leaving for uni at the end of graduation, so I was sure she'd find someone. Unlike me, who was currently on the back of a bike, on the verge of puking.

My arms felt like falling off, that's how tight I was holding onto Sean. Why did he have to ride this thing so fast? It wasn't like Redwood was going to fall off the face of the earth and he'd never get the chance of making me over. Did that sound bad only to me? Maybe I am a pervert? That would explain my VL status. I probably scared guys off with my dirty thoughts. Not like guys were mind readers. Although I did watch this show about a mind-reading killer once.

My thoughts were interrupted when we finally came to a stop. My eyes slowly opened, after I shut them to stop the dizziness that had taken over my vision. Letting go of Sean, I easily slid off the motorbike. Yeah right, as if that would ever happen. Swinging one leg over the seat, I fell over, landing face first into the hard gravel, only earning a laugh from Sean and a few people walking past on the street. Even a mother pushing a stroller laughed at me, seriously?

"You know you do look better face down," Sean teased from above me. "But if you want anyone to be looking at that face, you better hurry up."

I frowned, dusted off my baggy jeans and stood up. A habit that my mother found annoying, I slid my glasses up the bridge of my nose and glared fiercely at Sean, well as fiercely as I could manage.

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