Chapter Two - "Excuse me! My hair does not look like a dead squirrel!"

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"Hurry up for what?" I questioned.

Sean sighed, "We're getting your hair done."

I touched my brown hair self-consciously. "What's wrong with my hair?"

Okay, I got that my clothes were a size too big and that my glasses made my face look smaller than it was. My height was hopelessly close to a midget and my feet were tinier than an ant's, but if I had something going, it had to be my hair. Okay yes I put it up in a ponytail most of the time and yes it was tied up and away from my face, but it's probably the best feature I had, so why would I want to do anything to it?

Sean gave me a look that made me feel like an idiot.

"Seriously, what's wrong with your hair? Lanter, if you haven't noticed and I find it extremely difficult that you haven't, especially with those glasses on, but your hair looks like a run over squirrel."

I gasped, "Excuse me! My hair does not look like a dead squirrel."

"Yes my bad," Sean drawled, "it looks more like something crawled onto your head and died there. Now if you're done having your outburst, we've got to go before you miss your appointment."

Shuffling behind Sean into a white building I asked, "What appointment?"

"Hair salon," Sean replied, not turning around to face me.

He walked over to the counter, where a blonde receptionist wearing a smart looking black outfit smiled cheerily at him. He leaned closer, clearly flirting with her while she opened a huge leather book and ticked off something then pointed to an empty seat. A small woman who looked around twenty stood waiting near a chair, wearing an impatient look in her eyes. Sean turned to me, oblivious of the glare that he was getting from the hairdresser.

"Come on Lanter," he called. "We're burning daylight and I've got a Math's test to study for."

I muttered under my breath and plonked onto the soft leather seat as the hair dresser began to fuss in a thick British accent over how my hair looked like it hadn't been brushed for the past ten years. God, what is with everyone and my hair today? It wasn't that bad. Sure I had some frizz but everyone did. Or at least, everyone with curly hair did. I frowned to myself, wondering what exactly I had gotten myself into.

"So you're Sean's assignment then?" the hairdresser asked.

I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion. "Assignment?"

"Smile Lanter," Sean announced, appearing out of nowhere with a camera.

Before I could say anything, a flash appeared before my eyes, blinding me momentarily. After blinking vigorously for what felt the millionth time, I narrowed my eyes at Sean. What did the hairdresser mean by assignment and why was Sean taking a photo of me like this? Especially now when my hair was in the process of being opened causing me to look like a freak.

"What assignment?" I demanded.

Sean tossed me glance. "Oh you know."

I ground my teeth. "No I don't know."

"It's for the school paper," Sean answered, "it's going to earn me some extra credit for uni applications. Besides, you can't say that this isn't going to get your popularity up."

My mouth opened in surprise. I was certain I looked like the Scream but didn't pay it any mind. Wasn't this a violation of my rights? Sean couldn't seriously think that he could use me as his piece for some school paper article! I wouldn't allow it! Vivienne Lanter is done being pushed around, she's going to stand her ground and tell people no!

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