JB x Reader (Smut)

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Music Above!

JB gently taps you on the shoulder,
"Jagyia? Wake up, our jet is ready."
You slowly open your eyes stretching as you do so, before realizing what was going on. You and your fiancé JB were travelling to New York for a weekend off. JB is the CEO of a huge company, and planned a surprise trip only telling you about it the other day so you could get ready.

You were bubbling with excitement, and JB couldn't help but feel just as excited and happy seeing you so happy. You jumped up from your seat excited to finally be taking off to your destination. You walked along the cement to the white-ish beige plane awaiting you.
"Good evening Madame, Sir. Have a safe flight!"
The man waiting to close the plane's door says. You and JB flock inside and get comfortable beside each other. The seatbelt light flashes on and you both grab your seat belts and buckle up.

The pilots voice crackles through the speakers,
"Hello Mr. and Ms. We are happy to have you aboard yet again! Please stay seated until the seatbelt signal shuts off. Our flight attendant-Mary- will be taking good care of you today. If you need anything, click the button on your seats and she will be with you in a moment. Otherwise, you will have the plane all to yourself! Please enjoy the flight!"
With that said, the plane starts to move, pulling you slightly back in your seat.

You press your face up against the wall, straining to see everything going on. Planes takeoff have always fascinated you, so every time you get the chance, you try to learn and see as much as possible. JB chuckles at your action knowing immediately what you're trying to do. He intertwines your hands together watching you smile to yourself. Soon, you're seatbelt signal turns off and Mary appears.

"Welcome back! My name is Mary, I'll be your flight attendant today. Unless one of you pushes the button, I won't be back here. I'll try my best to make you as comfortable as possible. Is there anything you both need before I go?"
"Water please. What about you JB?"
"Same as her, thanks."
Mary smiles,
"I'll be right back."

Then she disappears into a little room, where you assume she'll be unless otherwise needed. While you're waiting you look at JB, admiring all his features. He sees you looking and meets your gaze with a smile. You give a small smile before a wicked idea crosses your mind. JB planned this whole trip for you, he wanted to please you and make you happy. Maybe you should do something to please him...
You slowly started to creep your hand towards JB's groin where you start rubbing slowly.

"(Y-Y/N) what are you d-doing?"
JB stutters shocked by your actions. You give him a devilish grin and continue palming his member through his pants. JB gives off a low growl, soon moaning at your actions. You feel his member hardening underneath your palm and suppress a smile at your small victory. Soon you hear a door click open and out walks Mary with the waters. JB chokes and pushes your hand away. He uses his arm to cover the bulge in his pants so Mary can't see.

"Your waters!"
You cover your mouth and bite your cheek trying not to laugh.
"T-thank you Mary."
JB coughs giving you a small glare for getting him in this situation. Mary smiles and just before she leaves you call out to her.
"Yes Ma'am?"
"Where are you staying for the ride?"
"Just over there."
She points a finger towards where she just came from.

"Just curious. Thank you."
She smiles and returns into the little room. You smirk at JB whose still glaring at you before standing up and going to the couch, grabbing his wrist and pulling him along behind you. You sit him down on the couch and straddle his lap.
"We shoul-"
You cut him off by giving him a rough kiss. You feel JB smirking. Without warning, you stick your tongue into his mouth.

You can feel he's shocked but he covers it up by sucking lightly on your tongue, making you groan in pleasure. You start slowly moving your hips in a circular motion causing more friction between you too. You can feel through JB's pants that his member is getting excited once again. You pause only for a moment too remove JB's and your shirts.

Once that's done you start to kiss down his chest, pushing him onto the couch before removing his belt and tanking his pants and boxers off. His member springs free, and you start to tease him. You run slow circles on the tip, licking it once and awhile then licking his member a few times.
"Do-don't tease...(Y/N)..."
JB moans. You decide enough is enough, and put his member in your mouth. What you can't fit you grasp with your hand.

You start to bob your head up and down picking up speed while JB's moans get louder. You feel his member twitch in your mouth and before he can warn you, he cum's in your mouth. You get up swallowing everything. You pull your own pants down and stick two of your own fingers into yourself, prepping for when JB will fill you up. You moan as your fingers slide in and out of you, until you pull out and position yourself atop JB's member. You slowly lower yourself down, giving yourself a second to adjust before you start moving.

You start off slow but soon are bouncing up and down faster and faster helping JB get to his second orgasm. You feel his member twitch once again inside you before you feel his warm cum inside of you. He moans loudly sending shivers down your spine. Flipping you over so that he's now on top of you, JB thrusts sloppily and fast trying to help you reach your high. After a few more thrusts you finally cum, moaning JB's name.

JB sits up, pulling you to a seated position as well before pulling you close to his chest, both of you panting hard.
"Think the flight attendant heard us?"
You ask giggling slightly.
"Probably, but who cares. Maybe I should plan more surprise vacations if this is the reward."
You playfully smack his chest.
"C'mon, we've got to clean up the mess before Mary comes to see what's happening."
"Aye, aye captain."


A/N-I personally think this is my best smut so far:) Next member coming soon❤️

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