TWENTY FIVE- We Could Be Better

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Look at the pic in the media. If anybody was wondering the same thing, there's your answer. Yes, I know God has a capital G but like I said, I type it like that for a reason when my characters say "on god."

Oh, and another thing, the reality of it is, I do not feel like updating all the time and I am a stressed out and HIGHLY annoyed college student so updates will not be as fast as they were a while ago. Another thing, 4 those who read CONNECT, I know it's been a while but an update is coming very soon, hopefully in a day or 2.

"You're not mine and I'm not yours.
But I wish you were, and I wish I was.
Turn back the clock, baby I'll be so much better. We could be better." - Janine



"My momma ass gon' kill me if she find out I'm out here driving on this medicine." I say to Shai. "Are you going to your family's home after this?" she asks. "Yeah." I answer. My momma being the bossy woman she is made me and Reign come straight to the family house when we got back home from Vegas because we got fucked up the worse in the accident and we really ain't supposed to be up at all. Noble picked me up from their house and took me to ours. Shai has been over at my crib taking care of me. She be cleaning my wounds and shit like that. I don't let her cook shit in my house so she just be warming me up foods my momma sent to me. I'm shocked she even stuck around trying to help me out without putting my dick in her mouth or talking freaky shit to me. I'm finally taking her to her momma's house now.

"Are you going to tell her you've been driving?" she asks. "Hell naw, you must want her crazy ass to kill me? Imma just call Qua and tell him to come get me from my house and take me back to the family house." I say. "Are you sure? You can really just take me back to my house instead of my mom's since it's closer. I'm sure Drew isn't at home right now. I don't want you driving on so much medication." she says, frowning. "I'm good." I say. I'm in more pain than I've ever felt in my life but I ain't no punk ass nigga so I'm straight regardless.

"What should I tell Drew?" she asks. "Tell him about what?" I ask. "About the scratches and the pulled ligament in my wrist?" she asks, pointing at the brace on her arm. "I don't know, to be honest. Can I be real with you about how I feel about the shit?" I ask, taking a deep breath. "Yes." she answers. "Fuck it if he find out." I tell her straight up. I can't keep sneaking cause it's too much for me at this point.

She looking all surprised as she stares at me. My phone just started ringing. I answer it then connect it to the car. "Wassup Reign?" I ask my lil sister. "Majestyyyyyy!" she sings. "Wassup?" I ask. "Um..." she slowly says like she trying to rememeber. I chuckle. Reign high as hell. She be in a lot of pain just like me since the bad accident but my momma refused to let her take the pain killers since she got all addicted when she was sixteen and since she was suicidal at one point. She be gone off cannabis pills and medicinal weed instead.

"Um what?" I ask. "Come back, please." she begs. "I am." I say. "Why you left?" she asks, sounding like a curious child. Reign be acting weird as hell when she high as fuck. "Had to drop somebody off." I answer. "Who, Shai? Oh." she says. "Yeah." I admit. "You like her?" she asks. "No. What you want, high ass fucker?" I ask, laughing and wincing from the pain in my stomach. "Um... I want a third tattoo." she says. "Third?" I ask, confused. I thought my parents names was her first tattoo. "Yes. I have a weed leaf on my back. Surprise. Me and Qua got the same kind too and didn't know." she says, giggling. "Bye, Reign." I say, hanging up on her. She so weird.

"Why'd you hang up on her?" Shai asks. "As if you care. Y'all mothafuckas can't stand each other." I say. "She's not exactly my favorite person in the world to say the least but I am truly thankful for your sister." she says. "Thankful for what?" I ask. "Because, without her fucking up what Drew and I have the way she did, I never in a million years would have even thought about cheating on him. I know cheating isn't okay, but without her fooling around with him, I wouldn't have started having sex and spending time with you." she explains.

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