Chapter 18 - The Counter-Attack

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"ETA in twenty-five minutes," the co-pilot reported.

"We should do a flyby with an air insertion," Joseph suggested. "LZ must be hot as hell."

"Urgh," Daniel groaned.

"I've just got a report from Ashely Wong, most of our students are already back to the school, we're one of the last ones," Emilia reported.

"We won't have time to change at the school, so we're gonna have to change here," I ordered and added, "activate armor."

"Hey, it's not fair that only the three of you can change without actually changing," Alex whined, referring to Alice and Karen.

"Well, guess you just gotta learn harder," I teased.

"Seriously though, we should change now, there's like ten more minutes before we're there," Alice stated. After some whining, the group finally started to change.

"Don't stare," Ruri growled at me.

"Not interested," I shot back as I checked my data-pad.

"Urgh, I hate wearing armor when we don't have the auto-fitting machines to put it on for us," Emilia whined.

"Are we done yet?" I asked.

"Stop looking! I'm not done yet," Ruri growled.

"It's not like I was staring. Plus, can you please stop taking your god damn time?" I grumbled as I rolled my eyes.

"We don't have a lot of time, so can you get moving?" Daniel growled.

"Shut up and help me put on the chest-armor," Ruri ordered. Daniel sighed and gave the final push so that the armor connects to the other pieces.

"Eek!" Ruri squealed, clearly surprised by his push.

"Sir, the school is in view," the pilot yelled from the front, "we're deactivating overdrive."

"Roger that, open the ramp," I ordered. The loadmaster nodded and lowered down the hangar ramp, revealing a sky lit up by the bright moon.

"The LZ looks tough, they've got anti-aircraft guns," the co-pilot said as he looked for a good spot to land.

"We're going to have to jump," I stated.

"Good luck sir," the pilot said.

"We're drawing anti-aircraft fire; you guys have to jump now!" the co-pilot exclaimed.

"Thanks for the ride," Daniel said as he jumped out of the transport. One by one, the alpha squad's members jumped out of the transport aircraft through the dimly lit-up night sky.

"Thank you for your service," I thanked the crew and was the last one to jump off the Skyhawk. As I dive through the night sky, Unknown anti-aircraft machinery was lighting up the night sky, trying to shoot us down.

"We're going to land near the command center and go in," I ordered.

"Roger that, we're two thousand meters from the ground," Emilia reported.

"We've got quite a lot of flak coming up, don't you think?" I asked through the Comms.

"No shit, I've got like twenty of them exploding next to me every second!" Alex screamed as we plummeted through the dark sky.

"We're less than one thousand meters from ground level," Emilia warned.

"Roger, I can see from my HUD," Max stated.

"I'm gonna start taking pop-shots at the AAA guns," Florence stated as she took out her sniper rifle.

"I appreciate the fact that we've got two of the best snipers in the world on our team," I praised.

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