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Eunmi woke up with the back of Jaemin's hand on her face. Sighing, she took ahold of his hand by the index finger and threw it over the sleeping boy's figure. She sat up and rubbed her eyes with her right hand and trying to comb through her bed head with the other.

She had forgotten about the late night's baking event so she stopped in her tracks when she saw all of the baked goods on top of the counter. Approaching slowly, she looked at them carefully while taking a seat on a stool.

The white chocolate chip cookies were arranged to spell out the phrase prom? making Eunmi sigh with a smile and rosy cheeks.

Loud thumping was heard from behind her as she took a cookie from the question mark. She turned around to see Jaemin with a single rose, sporting fabulous bed hair and one of his pant legs was rolled up. "Will you bake my day and go to prom with me?"

"You ruined the mood with that terrible pun," she said, breaking the cookie and giving him one half of it. His face fell as he took the piece from his girlfriend. "But this our thing, so of course I'll go to prom with you."

Jaemin's signature smile appeared on his face as he hugged the girl with all her strength. She wheezed, signalling that she couldn't breathe, making him let go of her in a rush.

"Now sit down, we're eating all of these cookies for breakfast." He joined her at the island and took a bite out of the piece she had given him. After all, who else would be eating all of that sugar?

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