Not like you expected

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It all started like in those cliché movies. The hero of my hometown was chasing me, trying to stop me from doing yet another bad thing. Normally I would run away, teasing the hero and then disappear, leaving the poor guy frustrated and disappointed.
But today was different.
I was angry and annoyed by that guy, always shouting out loud that he would save the city, even though everybody knew that he wasn't able to.

So I decided to turn the tables.

I really enjoyed the terrified look on his face as I pulled out my gun and started hunting him down. After quite some time he finally was standing with his back against the wall. An evil grin appeared on my face as I pointed the gun at his hilariously terrified looking face.
He probably realized that he couldn't escape his fate because he started talking.
"Now since I'm as good as dead... Tell me, why are you doing this?". He expected an answer but I just smiled and pulled the trigger.

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