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I woke up to the sound of my phone beeping frantically.

I blearily blinked my eyes open until everything came into focus. Ungracefully I slapped my phone off my night stand, and grumbled to myself as I picked it up. I had a stream of texts all from Conner.

[I've had the best idea]


[Leon's totally going to lose his fucking shit]

[And if all goes to plan gabriella too]

[Can you get hold of a bucket and some heavy-duty glue?]

I frowned as I clumsily typed my response, asking what the hell his plan was.

[The. Best.]

[Do you trust me?]

I didn't hesitate.

[Yeah, I do. I have a bucket you can use, but your going to have to buy the glue yourself]

_ _ _

THE END!!!!!

- - - 

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