Chapter Twenty One

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I let out a small sigh as I scribbled in the corner of my notebook – waiting for the seemingly endless lesson before school finished to come to a close. But the teacher seemed to have an endless supply of 'one last thing before you go' information to hand out.

When it finally come to the time that the teacher said that we were all free to go I was happy enough that I could have let out a loud 'whoop' of victory.

I even heard one of the students sat behind me let out a low 'fina-fucking-ly'. And I couldn't help but agree, a small smile growing on my lips.

Gathering up my belongings I stuffed them hastily into my bag. Usually I wasn't an impatient person and I tended to wait for the rest of the class to leave first to avoid any crowds if possible – but today Conner had said that he'd give me a lift home.

Due to some late football practices I'd barely had a chance to see him over the past week – and was actually looking forward to being able to finally spend some time with him.

Speeding up my walk slightly, I ducked through the crowd of students all just as eager as me to leave school and get about their weekend business.

I let out an inward groan when someone rushing past me, hit into my shoulder dislodging the bag I'd been resting on it crashing to the floor.

I'd been in enough of a hurry that I'd not bothered to close my bag properly, which meant everything that had been inside fell out, several papers, pens, and pencils fluttered and fell to the school hall's floor.

Son of a bitch...

I cussed out in my mind as I stooped resignedly to pick up all my fallen belongings, as everyone else got to left the school building.

Almost everyone else.

"Well if it isn't little Charlotte Grey, why aren't I surprised to find you crawling about the school floors?"

I closed my eyes at the sound of Leon's very annoying voice.

"What? No response?" He asked, his shadowing falling over me as he moved in the way of the closest light.

I lifted my head to give him a harsh glare, willing his head to spontaneously combust. Unfortunately nothing happened though. Instead he stayed there with his ridiculous smirking grin plastered on his smug face.

I'd do anything to be able to wipe that arrogant look away.

But all my glaring seemed to do was make it grow, jerking my eyes away from him I went back to picking up my stuff.

"You always were very clumsy." Leon commented, like we we'd ever even been friends. "Let me guess someone walked into you and you dropped your bag."

Great deduction Sherlock! How did you work that one out? Was it because I was knelt on the ground gathering up things that had rather flipping obviously fallen from my freaking bag?

I clenched my jaw tightly shut, not bothering to look up.

"I'm sorry-" He was most certainly not judging from the humour lining his voice "-Am I bothering you?" He leant further over me, making me turn to give him another icy look. "If you want me to leave you can just say so and I'll happily leave you alone."

He paused for a dramatic amount of time, listening to the only response I was able to give. Silence.

Leon gave me a broad smile. "No? Ah good." His eyes were lit up with amusement. "I guess I'll just stay then."

I let out an aggravated sigh.

Ignore him. Just ignore him and maybe he'll just get bored and go away.

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