Chapter Nineteen

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My hands shook nervously as I twisted my fingers together, watching the clock on the wall whilst biting down on my lip. I couldn't have had made it more obvious that my stomach was being attacked by butterflies if I'd tried.

I ducked my head down.

Ten minutes. Then – if he was planning on turning up on time – he'd be here. And until then I could keep my cool.

I sucked in a deep breath.

This was so unlike me. It wasn't as if I'd never been on a date before. But I guess I'd never been on a date with someone like Conner. I didn't even know if there even was another person like Conner.

Because despite his cocky arrogance, pervert ways, and general rude behaviour, he'd somehow gotten me to like him. Really like him.

I wasn't even entirely sure how it had happened, or if I wanted to know.

When I heard the footsteps of my mother making her way through the hallway, towards the living room, all thoughts about Conner fled from my mind as I braced myself for whatever was bound to happen next.

Because for some reason it was impossible for my mother to ever just enter a room. She always found something to do or say, and more often than not that thing wasn't all that nice.

When she entered the room and spotted me sitting on the sofa her eyebrows rose into her hairline. "I expected you to be in your room." She said in surprise.

I gave her a small smile, as if to say 'well I'm not', which of course my mother didn't see, because she was too busy taking in my outfit.

"Are you going somewhere?" She asked, her eyebrows furrowing together, her eyes landing on my shoes. "You're usually in your pyjamas glued to your TV screen at this time."

I hesitated, before giving a brief nod.

Delight lit up my mother's eyes. "You are? Are you going to go out and be sociable for once?" She asked.

I pulled a face at the 'for once' comment. But there was no point in trying to deny that she was right.

"Are you going to go out to a party? She asked excitedly.

I quickly shook my head, pulling a face of complete distaste.

My mother's face fell a little. "Well then are you going to meet up with people?"

I shook my head. Conner was only one person. And I wasn't going anywhere to meet him – he was coming here to pick me up.

My mother's smile fell a little further, and she narrowed her eyes at me. "Are you actually going out at all?" She demanded hotly.

I nodded my head this time.

Her eyes narrowed further. "Where?" She asked.

I raised an eyebrow. How exactly was she expecting me to answer that question? My amusement must have shown on my face, because what little patience she was holding onto seemed to fray that little bit more.

"Seriously Charlotte." She said in exasperation.

I rolled my eyes. Leaning over to where the phone was I picked up the pad next to it that was there to jot down any important messages. Scribbling down three words I pushed past the slightly dizzy feeling I still got writing sometimes.

'On a date'

Tearing off the top sheet of paper I handed it over, bracing myself mentally for her reaction. As her eyes scanned the brief note her eyes widened. Then all the happiness and excitement she'd lost returned tenfold to her expression.

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