Chapter Eighteen

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'Gentleman' Conner was scary. Okay scary was the wrong word. It was more like bizarre.

Gentleman Conner was bizarre. And in all honesty it kind of weirded me out.

I gave a sideways glance to Conner as he picked up my school bag for me, hitching it on to his own shoulder to carry.

He'd been doing this over the past few days.

I kept waiting for his 'wooing' mode to suddenly switch off and for him to return to his usual self.

Except the thing was he was being his usual self for the most part. He'd still make arrogant comments. He still poked fun at anyone (especially Terra and Gabriella). He'd still tease me and crack 'I think I'm hilarious' jokes.

He'd just do these oddly nice things in between. Small things like carrying my bag, walking me to my classes, opening doors, picking up my tray, or insisting on buying my lunch. On Wednesday after my gym lesson (when I was always at my most hungry and irritable) he'd even gone up to me in between classes and dropped a bag of malteasers in my lap before walking away wordlessly to his next lesson.

I wasn't sure how I was meant to be reacting. I'd expected 'wooing' to mean some grand and obvious gestures to Conner – probably because of his loud personality – what I hadn't seen coming was this almost-nothing change.

Grand and obvious gestures would have been easier for me. Those I could just laugh off or roll my eyes at – but no. I didn't know how to protect myself from the small kind things he was doing for me.

I could feel myself liking him more and more every day and it was almost terrifying.

If I had trouble not liking Conner before, when he was an over-confident jerk who I was pretty sure would never like me back, it was nothing compared to now. Him being nice to me all the time just made it ten times more difficult not to repeat what happened on Saturday.

And I really wanted to repeat what had happened on Saturday.

My stomach still filed with butterflies just thinking about the kiss he'd given me.

I clenched my teeth holding in a sigh. I was acting like a love-struck idiot. Conner speaking broke me out of my thoughts. "I saw Leon earlier." He mentioned. "The bruise you gave him is almost completely faded now. Damn shame really." He said.

I smiled a little, his words bringing up the image of Leon and the vivid purple mark on his jaw he'd been forced to walk around with. It more than made up for the fact my knuckles had hurt like crazy.

It was a shame though. If I'd just aimed a little higher he could have been walking around with a broken nose rather than a bruised jaw – and probably ego.

As if reading my thoughts Conner smiled widely. "Next time you should aim for the nose – it'll last longer." He suggested.

I grinned at the use of the words 'next time'. In all honesty there probably wasn't going to be one. As it was every time Leon caught me in the same room as him he'd give me a hardened glare that swore revenge.

He obviously wasn't the forgiving kind and he was making it blatantly clear he was still pissed off.

I knew he was planning to get me back for Saturday I just didn't know when that was going to happen or what to expect.

Conner walked me all the way to my lesson, and I ignored the tingling feeling that ran down my arm when he returned my bag to me promising to see me later.

I bent my head down as I nodded; trying to dampen the happiness that I felt when he gave me a small half smile. Without sparing Conner another glance I hurried into my class – glad it wasn't on ewe shared. I could feel the blush running up my cheeks, all over the fact he had directed a smile at me.

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