Chapter Seventeen

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My heart was racing a thousand beats a minute in my chest as I felt one of Conner's hands wind it's fingers through my hair, as his other hand landed on the arch of my back.

My hands somehow found their way to his shoulders as my knees turned to jelly.

Tingles travelled down my spine, rocketing through every inch of my body.

Conner Denison was kissing me.

An involuntary shiver ran through me when I heard him let out a low quiet moan from the back of his throat.

And I was kissing him back.

My lips took on a life of their own as they responded to him. My hands too as they slid up from his shoulders to wrap around his neck.

Mama didn't raise no fool. I wasn't letting this moment go to waste.

I gasped when Conner's arm wrapped itself around my waist, tugging me closer. I let out a surprised squeak, and I felt Conner's lips pull into a smile and his chest rumble with a supressed laugh.

He was laughing at me!

Pulling away from him I gave him an 'are you being serious right now' look.

His lips were in a large grin, his eyes sparkling with undisguised humour. "I'm sorry." He wasn't he was still grinning his head off. "That was just such a cute sound." He said laughing once again.

I narrowed my eyes at him.

Moment well and truly killed.

His arm was still anchoring me to him by my waist; hitting his chest lightly I tried to put some space between us but his hold only tightened as he shook his head playfully.

He dipped his head low, his voice taking on an almost seductive note. "You're not getting away that easily Charlotte." He said his warm breath funning over my lips. My own breath caught in my throat holding back any words I would have had if I could talk. "You kissed me."

Spell broken. I narrowed my eyes at him.

He had kissed me.

Seeing my slight annoyance Conner rolled his eyes. "You kissed me back." He responded to my silent argument.

I felt some of my annoyance drain at how easily he seemed to understand me. It made me feel less bad about the fact I couldn't speak.

I couldn't argue with him either. I had most definitely kissed him back, and if I were to hit redo I would do it again. I was starting to understand a little where Conner's arrogance had come from if he kissed all girls like that.

Conner's smile grew even wider. I was starting to worry his face would split in two soon.

"That means you like me right?" He asked cockily.

So badly I wished that was true so I could scoff indignantly at his smug attitude. Instead all that happened was a fierce blush took over my cheeks.

At the sight of my blush I felt Conner's chest rumble once more in a small laugh.

He was so infuriatingly confident!

Why couldn't I like a shy guy? The cute ones that would stammer words ever so slightly if they got too nervous?

I was broken out of my thoughts when Conner brushed his thumb gently over one of my heated cheeks, sending small waves of heat rolling through me. "I'll take that as a yes." He said.

Conner looked extremely pleased. "I've always wanted a girlfriend who knows how to throw a decent punch." He said happily.

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped as I stared up at him incredulously.

We were dating now? I must have missed that part where I agreed to that.

"Not in a kinky way. Don't worry so much." Conner said seeing my shocked expression. "Then again..."

I used my uninjured hand to hit him on his arm.

He winced. "That's a no to the kink, then. Probably a good thing. You'd probably get carried away with being so violent as it is and all."

My cheeks were all kinds of red as I hit him again.

"Okay! Okay! I'm joking." He promised. "Messaged received: I'm not as funny as I think I am." Conner assured me.

"So if not the punching part I guess it was the whole me calling you my girlfriend thing that had you looking so freaked." Conner guessed, finally being serious.

I nodded my head with a small sigh of relief.

Conner gave me a thoughtful look. "You don't want to be my girlfriend?" He asked.

I winced shrugging my shoulders. I honestly have no idea what I wanted.

Sure I liked him, but would dating anyone actually be a good idea for me?

I couldn't even talk. What was I meant to do in cases of serious relationship conversations? I couldn't contribute.

And what if we ended up getting really serious? I wouldn't even be able to tell him I love him.

My mind travelled back over the last five minutes.

Then again - maybe 'serious' wasn't something I ever had to worry about when it came to Conner. I didn't even know if he knew the definition of the word.

Seeing my indecision Conner let out a deep sigh, dragging my attention back to him once again.

"Don't overthink this Charlotte. You like me. I like you." He said easily.

My heart did a small summersault. That was his first time saying the words out loud.

He liked me.

Damn that made a compelling argument.

I felt Conner's fingers brush gently over the column of my neck, and I knew the purpose of the movement was to distract me from my own thoughts.

It was working.

I felt myself leaning into his touch, goosebumps rising up along my arms.

"Come on Charlotte." He whispered in a low voice.

My heart pounded but I didn't agree. Uncertainty stopped me from doing so.

How long until he got annoyed that I couldn't talk?

Conner let out a deep sigh. "That's a 'no' then?" He asked. I winced. He paused thoughtfully. "And kissing is off the table if we're not dating?" He guessed.

This time I rolled my eyes.

Were all boys like this – or was Conner just exceptionally annoying?

Conner smiled a little. "Another no." He said. "And I can't bribe you into changing your answer? Chocolates? Shoes? I'll let you win at football if you want." He suggested hopefully.

I breathed out a laugh, shaking my head.

"Damn." He said snapping his fingers. "Then there's just one option left."

I raised an eyebrow at him questioningly and he leaned forwards as if he were sharing some great secret with me.

"I'll just have to change your mind." He said, his eyes staring directly into my own. "Get ready Charlotte Grey. I'm going to woo the knickers off of you." He said.

I let out a disbelieving laugh, pushing on his shoulder se he straightened back away from me.

Yeah – great start there, Romeo. Way to keep it classy. I thought shaking my head, but I was halted by the determination burning in his eyes.

"Socks." He corrected amusement lighting his expression. "I'm going to woo the socks off of you." But there was a playful look glistening in his eyes as he smiled at me that had my stomach quivering.

I was starting to think I was in way over my head when it came to Conner Denison.

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