Chapter Sixteen

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I had my head bent low – feeling out of Place waiting for Conner to return from the restrooms. My back was rested on the banister of the second floor of the shopping centre, and people bustled around me, thankfully paying no me attention.

Conner's idea of hanging out together was spending the day in town.

I flinched when I heard a familiar obnoxious laugh sounding from not to far away.

Wincing I risked a glance in the direction the sound had come from, hoping I had heard wrong. I hadn't. Over to my left stood Leon Glass, and he wasn't alone wither. Stood with him were Bert Lee, and Kevin Lawrence who had his arm wrapped loosely around the shoulders of Melissa Davidson. There were a couple of other's I didn't recognise, and I was hoping that none of them would recognise me.

I was tempted to run and hide – to avoid confrontation, but I stood rooted by the fact Conner told me to wait here for his return.

Instead I ducked my head lower, praying that they would just walk by.

No such luck.

"Little Charlotte Grey!"

Shit. Maybe if I ignored them they would go away?

"It is her!" Leon's voice boomed loudly over the noise of the everyday crowd around them.

Double shit.

I heard them approaching and lifted my head silently, giving them all a contemptuous stare. "I didn't even know that you ever left your house on weekends." Leon said cheerfully, an arrogant smirk on his face.

It was a weak joke – but that didn't stop any of the people following from laughing as if it was the funniest thing they had ever said.

When I didn't respond to his comment Leon continued to look overly amused.


"Are you here all alone?" He asked. "You can always come hang around with us lot. I know what a crush you used to have on me. You can use this opportunity to stare lovingly at me."

I gave a loud snort to let him know I'd rather kick his face in.

"Aw don't be like that." He said leaning in far too close. "We used to be so close Little Charlotte." He said in a low whisper, his hand reaching out to play with a strand of my hair. I moved away from him before he had the chance.

I knew he was waiting for a reaction out of me. Either for me to push him away or to get scared.

I didn't give him the satisfaction.

Cocky git.


I'd been distracted enough that I hadn't seen Conner approaching us.

His voice came out with a cold edge as he said his friend's name. At the sound of it Leon grinned widely, straightening his back and putting distance between us as he turned to Conner.

"Conner my man!" He grinned. I thought you said that you were too busy to hang out today. Did you change you're mind?"

"No." He replied stonily.

Leon's eyebrows raised, as he glanced between Conner and me.

"The reason you were 'too busy' was Charlotte? Really man?" He scoffed, shooting me a look before turning back to Conner with disapproval written into ever line of his face.

Conner nodded his head.

"You do realise she's crazy right? Follows right after her father in that respect." There was a smug note in his voice. He wanted his words to hurt me – I didn't let them.

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